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D-Day and Great Battles Tour Registration Open!

D-Day and Great Battles
Tour Registration Open!

Meet courageous veterans of WWII

Get into the spirit of the 1940s

Our D-Day and Great Battles Tour will begin on board the USS Alabama in Mobile Bay; the battleship is a much-decorated (9 Battle Stars!) floating museum of the War in the Pacific. We will explore the ship, from the 16-inch guns to the 20mm cannons on all decks, and sleep on the bunks of the crew.

Few things are more thrilling to a boy than overnighting aboard a real battleship in bunks where real sailors slept. That’s what we’re offering as part of our D-Day and Great Battles Tour that kicks off with the whole family touring the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park on June 3.

Our visit the next few days in New Orleans will feature the magnificent D-Day Museum where we will meet veterans, enjoy the state-of-the-art interactive displays, and view the live footage from the war. This system of museums also features a thrilling WWII-submarine-in-the-Pacific experience!

6 and 96 — Calvin Turley meets WWII paratrooper Ubert Terrell

The worldclass WWII Museum in New Orleans

We will visit the Chalmette Battlefield where General Andrew Jackson’s army faced the best England had to offer and whipped them full sore. Almost the whole battlefield is preserved and we will walk it from one end to the other with battlefield historian Bill Potter. Our visit to the Metairie Cemetery will include compelling stories at the gravesides of Generals and Preachers, where we see the providence of God in the lives of these individuals and our nation. Join us as we learn and fellowship and give praise to God for all his mighty acts; you won’t be the same at the end.

The beautiful Chalmette Plantation

Confederate memorial at Metairie Cemetery

Landmark Events tours are worth every cent! A great avenue in learning history through a Biblical perspective (God’s providence). What a blessing to walk side-by-side with a historian through a museum or cemetery. Thank you Landmark Events!” —Greg and Jenny J. 

Register Today for a Great Time of Family Fellowship, Food and Fun!

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