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News and Notes from Landmark Events 2017 Schedule

New Tours and New Discounts...
and 3 Open Raft Seats!

We have some exciting new developments for our 2017 schedule you’ll want to be aware of as you plan your year. We have added a second Shenandoah Valley Tour in May as well as a private Classical Conversations Tour of Washington, D.C. in September. We are offering great savings on Ireland and Scotland this summer, and 3 seats just opened for the Grand Canyon in August!

The Atlanta Campaign Tour  SAVE 10%
April 10-11 in Atlanta

Let the stories of the capture of Atlanta capture your imagination on a two-day tour of the battlefields, memorials and graves of the men who fought there. The Union triumph broke the back of the Confederacy but we’re still standing to remember. Learn More ››.

We love the fascinating behind-the-scenes stories! The biblical worldview perspective brings past events into our lives today, challenging us to learn from those who’ve gone before.” —Jason O.

NEW!  The Shenandoah Valley Tour #2
May 20-24 in Central Virginia

Tour #1 sold out in a hurry so we added another identical tour May 20-24! Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, Joel Salatin and BBQ at Bill Potter’s house! Does it get any better? This second tour is over half full so don’t miss out! Learn More ››.

I was amazed at the warm family atmosphere that was on display. The Landmark crew made us feel comfortable because we knew they were watching out for us.” —Kyle B.

D-Day and Great Battles Tour
June 3-6 in New Orleans
3 Normandy Vets Confirmed!

Spend the evening with 3 remarkable Christian men that landed in Normandy 73 years ago! Highlights include a private banquet at the WWII Museum in New Orleans, the opportunity for the men to spend the night aboard the USS Alabama, Chalmette Battlefield, and much more! Learn More ››.

We are still reeling from the overall experience! We especially enjoyed listening to and having the opportunity to interact with the veterans. This trip was a tremendous culmination of a year-long study of WWII for my 14-year-old son. Stories need to be forever told lest we forget what was done for us, and at what price.” —Jeff R

Ireland 2017
June 20-30 in Ireland
April Sale! Save $300 Per Person!

Join our grand tour of the Emerald Isle as we visit sites key to the struggle for Irish independence and uncover the modern history of Ireland, fraught with discord, but with many signs of God’s grace. Nearly forty million Americans claim Irish descent; for them it’s a visit to the homeland. For the rest of us, it’s a place of utter beauty, providential history, music and culture. Learn More ››.

Our family has travelled extensively but this was our first faith-based tour. There is something patently different about traveling with a group of believers and learning about the sights from a Christian perspective. It was an extraordinary trip that deepened our faith and bonded our family.” —Kerry N.

Scotland Adventure
July 2-8 & 9-15 in Scotland
April Sale! Save $100 Per Person!

John Knox, Patrick Hamilton, William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, The Black Douglas, William Guthrie, Highland Games... Come explore the amazing history of Scotland, where freedom and fidelity to Christ were inextricably linked and the roots of American Christianity were planted. Learn More ››.

If you want to understand the link between Scottish and U.S. history that you never learned in school, if you want to see the Scottish countryside, climb the castles, hear the stories of old, meet likeminded friends, and be inspired to stand for your faith like those who have gone before, this trip is for you!” —D. Daniel

Grand Canyon Adventure  3 Seats Open
August 11-15 in Arizona and Nevada

We received a cancellation and now have 3 seats open on this fantastic trip! We’re teaming with Canyon Ministries to raft through this gigantic monument to the Biblical Flood, where the rocks and the river testify to the creativity and might of our Lord. You’ll learn plenty of geology and hydrology along the way, as well as exciting history of mountain men that explored these territories long ago. Learn More ››.

Our family loves these history tours! [Landmark Events’] teaching brings history to life and enlightens our hearts to see how God used men and women in the past, and by extension, how He is able to use us today. Glory to God!” —Cheri C.

Classical Conversations Private Tour  CC in DC!
September 25-29 in Washington, D.C.

We’ve crafted a tour that fits your Cycle 3 studies and made all the arrangements. All you have to do is get to Washington, D.C.! This private tour is open only to Classical Conversations members and is bound to fill up fast. For more information, contact us at

I was so impressed by the value and service offered by Landmark Events! We gleaned so much more by going with them than we ever could have on our own. We really appreciated that the tour sought to present history as it really happened.” —Sally H.

Heart of American History Tour  SAVE 10%!
October 2-6 in Washington, D.C.

Explore the most diverse, iconic, fascinating, provocative, educational, and entertaining historical sites imaginable. Even if you have been to the nation’s capital city before, you have neither seen all the places of this expedition nor interpreted each of them in the light of God’s providence, as we will do together. Learn More ››.

I can’t give this tour high enough praise: the number of places that you see, the connection to our country that you feel, and the solid Biblical worldview that you hear, all make for a truly unforgettable experience.” —Katrin H.

Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims Tour  SAVE 15%!
November 13-17 in Plymouth and Boston

The great blessings of God’s providence in colonial America are so numerous in Boston and Plymouth that only the willfully blind could miss them. Join the Landmark historians on a Plymouth Thanksgiving tour that should be first in line of every American family’s history site bucket list. Learn More ››.

The Tour was fantastic! I had exceptionally high expectations entering the tour and you managed to exceed even this high bar! Well done Landmark Events!! I highly recommend [these tours] to others seeking to learn more of the Godly heritage and the providential history of sacrificial actions that have been handed down to our generation of Americans.” Scott Z.

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