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Go on Campaign with Bill Potter in Atlanta!

We love the fascinating behind-the-scenes stories... the biblical worldview perspective brings past events into our lives today, challenging us to learn from those who’ve gone before.” —Jason, 2016 Atlanta Campaign attendee

Full of ferocious fighting and colorful characters, The Atlanta Campaign was a series of battles fought during the Civil War throughout northwest Georgia and the Atlanta area during the summer of 1864. In September of that same year, the city of Atlanta fell, setting the stage for General William T. Sherman’s infamous March to the Sea and an escalation of the devastation visited upon soldier and civilian alike. Join Landmark Events and historian Bill Potter as we lead you on a fascinating tour of the most significant sites of the Civil War in Georgia’s capital.

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Note: The tour ends in time to make the opening session at the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention in Atlanta where Bill Potter will be speaking (separate registration required through the Teach Them Diligently web site).

Learn from the Experts!

Landmark Events historian Bill Potter combines a lifelong study of American history with an uncommon ability to captivate audiences of all ages as he traces the providential acts of God throughout the ages.

Dr. Gordon Jones is the Senior Military Historian and Curator at the Atlanta Center and he will be addressing our group with a special message about the historical cyclorama painting: The Battle of Atlanta.


Oakland Cemetery

Our tour begins at the beautiful and historic Oakland Cemetery in the heart of Atlanta where we will visit the gravesites of generals, privates, and civilians as well as the Lion of Atlanta — a memorial to the Confederate soldiers who died in defense of the city.

Georgia Capitol — Inside and Out!

We will do a quick survey of the monuments which grace the Capitol grounds, pausing especially at those of Governor Joe Brown and Major General John B. Gordon. Inside we will see the portraits of the great constitutionalist and Vice-President of the Confederacy, Alexander Stephens as well as those of General Robert Toombs and Howell Cobb, the men who helped create the Confederacy.

Atlanta History Center

We will have the privilege of hearing a lecture from Dr. Gordon Jones, the Senior Military Historian and Curator at the Atlanta Center. His topic will be “The Creation and Restoration of the World’s Greatest Historical Cyclorama Painting, The Battle of Atlanta.”


Kennesaw Mountain National Park

Having maneuvered his way south from Chattanooga in a series of inconclusive fights, General Sherman determined to attack on a broad front against a numerically inferior and exhausted enemy at the fortified mountain called Kennesaw. With their backs to the Chattahoochee River, the Confederate forces were all that stood between Sherman and Atlanta. We will tour the bloodiest sector of the battlefield known as “the angle” and hear some of the most poignant and inspiring stories of the entire war.

Marietta Square

The town of Marietta witnessed a full measure of the War for Southern Independence. Confederate troops were trained there, the armies fought, and one of the most exciting events of the war began at the train station... The Great Train Chase. We will pause briefly at the famous gazebo in the town square to recount some of these notable events before touring the Marietta Museum.

Marietta Museum of History

In 1862, a band of adventurous Union volunteers made their way to Marietta disguised as civilians. They stole a train and their aim was to use it to cut communications, burn bridges and isolate the Queen City on the Tennessee River. We will tell the story of the dramatic chase that ensued, the near misses and ultimate failure of the enterprise, as well as the fate of the raiders themselves. We will gaze down from the same vantage point as the raiders, now in the Marietta Museum, along the railroad tracks.

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We Hope to See You There!

We hope that we pique the interest of all who attend to learn more about the Atlanta Campaign and the men who fought it. While we are not privy to God’s eternal counsels, we can study their results and learn to appreciate the lives and fortunes of our ancestors. These men found much worth fighting and dying for and their willingness to do so should inspire us today.

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