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Mt. St. Helens — An Eruption of Education, Exploration and Fun!

Join Landmark Events for a unique three-day creation event at the site of the deadliest and most economically destructive volcanic eruption in the history of the United States. Mount St. Helens not only shocked the world because of its explosive power, but shook the very foundation of evolutionary theory. Bring your family and see firsthand, undeniable evidence that testifies to God’s awesome power and endless creativity.

Full Schedule Released

We have assembled a team of creation scientists and historians that will explain — in the classroom room and on the mountainside — how the evidences found at Mount St. Helens bolster the validity of the Biblical creation account. Enjoy nine sessions over three days, as well as full-day tours and hikes on the mountainside with creation experts!

Topics Include

Pat Roy

  • The Journey to Novarupta
  • The Battle Is Real

Dr. Keith Swenson

  • Biological Recovery at Mount St. Helens, Pts. I & II

Paul Taylor

  • Mount St Helens: A Message for Today
  • Creation Evidence in Context

Bill Potter

  • Historic Volcanoes & the Providence of Disaster
  • The Doctrine of Providence and the Creation

Plus panel discussions and Questions & Answer times!

Full-Day Mountain Tours

Choose the Spirit Lake tour with Keith Swenson or Pat Roy, or the less strenuous but remarkably diverse West Side Excursion with Paul Taylor.

Make plans today to join other Christian families
for this unique conference!

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