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Recover the True Meaning of Thanksgiving!

Join Thankful Christian Families in Plymouth!

Make this year incredibly special by joining other Christian families as we celebrate and commemorate the true meaning of Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Over time, noble practices have morphed into hollow traditions. Today’s heroes wear numbers on their backs and carry balls when they once shouldered muskets and carried Bibles. Join Landmark Events November 11-17 for the 2018 Pilgrims and Patriots Tour as we seek to reclaim the heart of Thanksgiving where it all began!

Pilgrim Reenactors

Plimoth Plantation

Thanksgiving Dinner

Walking Tours

Come to Plymouth to Meet Pilgrims and Patriots

We answer the questions of why they came, what they believed, and who they were. We visit and expound the lessons of the Forefathers Monument and the tribute to the Pilgrim women. We look at the amazing providences of the peaceful Pilgrim relationships with the Wampanoag Indians, contrary to the modern mythical stereotypes taught as self-evident truths today. These early Americans symbolize all those who left their native lands behind to brave hardship, and accept sacrifice to seek a land where families could thrive, and succeeding generations could prosper. You will meet the men who pioneered the idea of a godly commonwealth, subservient to God and His Law, and the men who resisted tyranny and brought about a new nation, come to life once again in the graveyards, churches and battlefields.

Christian Fellowship

Boston’s Freedom Trail

Pilgrim Mothers Monument

Concord’s Old North Bridge

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You can visit the exact locations, walk on the ground where the founders walked, read their words, and learn the lessons for today with the historians of Landmark Events as we tour Boston and Plymouth. You will be glad you did.

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