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Stories of God’s Providence Give Our Children Hope

Stories of God’s Providence
Give Our Children Hope

What if you and I could tell a single story that would change the course of history for a dozen generations? It happened in the year 1741 when 94-year-old Thomas Faunce made a request — to be carried by chair three miles from his home to the shore of Plymouth, Massachusetts. There he told the “rising generation” the story of a rock. How was this possible? Faunce was not there 121 years prior when a band of pilgrims disembarked the Mayflower to set foot on what we now call Plymouth Rock. Faunce explained that he was a boy when an aging Mayflower pilgrim brought him to the rock, told him the story of persevering faith in the God symbolized by the rock, and charged him with the duty of telling future generations, “That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments” (Psalm 78:7). More than a million people a year visit the rock which became a symbol of political and spiritual freedom. All because somebody told a story to a child, who told it to more children, who shared the story with three centuries of children.

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To all generations I will
make known your faithfulness (Psalm 89:1)

A few weeks ago Landmark Events brought representatives of our own rising generation to the same spot in Plymouth. It was the conclusion of a year of expeditions to great landmarks of liberty. More than 2,000 guests joined us in over 20 tours and conferences across the USA and Scotland, and to natural wonders which speak to the validity of biblical truth, like the Grand Canyon and Mt. St. Helens. We travelled 50,000 collective miles and published more than one hundred History Highlights, our weekly column. All of this to answer the questions: Will the next generation remember? Will they wisely steward the legacy of faith and freedom which is their inheritance? Will they give the stories of God’s providence to their own children?

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In 2019 We Will be Training the Next Generation of Storytellers to Fight for your Great Grandchildren

Christians are a race of dragon-fighters. Our sons are born to this. Someone ought to tell them.” —Douglas Wilson

At Landmark Events we believe that history teaches us to hope. Our mission is focused: to ignite hearts of young men and women of today to become storytellers to future generations. We take families to “rocks of remembrance” — the battlefields, buildings and beaches where history was made. We go as families. We come back as friends. And we see hope spark in the minds of children who begin to understand the context of the liberties they enjoy.

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Landmark Events Chief Historian, Bill Potter

Importantly, these events become training ground for future leaders. In 2019 and beyond we hope to identify and equip the next generations of historians and tour hosts so providential stories will be communicated to future generations. To this end we are establishing a scholarship fund, forming strategic partnerships to expand our reach, and will be completing Christian history guides to select cities. An important element of our strategy is the launch of “Hometown History” a project documenting God’s providences throughout our country. In 2020 America will once again gather around Plymouth Rock for the quadricentennial of the Pilgrim landing. Whether we follow the pattern of Thomas Faunce by encouraging a new generation of story tellers to share stories of gratitude, or sit quietly as pundits teach the rising generation to despise their history will depend in part on us. At Landmark Events, we intend to engage.

This tour was amazing & unique in presenting a Biblical approach to each historical site—more than history, God’s providence in history.” —Jeanne P.

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Your generous donation will help us to locate and train these future leaders, and to create the resources to equip them for success. Will you stand with us?

Your faithful giving helps us infuse families across the country with the hope of Christ. It is our honor to faithfully steward all the Lord has entrusted to us.

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