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Mount St. Helens Is Blowing Up!

Bigger and Better!

How do we improve on last year’s inaugural Mount St. Helens Creation Conference where families from across the country joined Dr. Keith Swenson, Paul Taylor, Pat Roy and Bill Potter to examine the exciting evidences Mount St. Helens has brought to light? More time on the mountain!

Two full days on the mountain — including Spirit Lake hike!

This Mount St. Helens trip was a highlight of our summer. From the great discussion topics that applied to the things we saw on our tour, to the amazing guided tour and the awesome fellowship with others. I would highly recommend this tour to volcano enthusiasts and more!” —Chelsea C.

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The huge Pine Mountain Boulder traveled miles on a mudslide!

We kept the fellowship-friendly schedule featuring instructive conference sessions, family Volcano Building Contest and flexible meal arrangements while adding a second full day of learning on the mountain. You will walk on the trails of Mount St. Helens with our expert guides and witness first-hand as they explain how huge geologic changes resulted from rapid processes in a very short amount of time — just as the Bible proclaims. We will examine the exciting evidences uncovered by the Mount St. Helens eruption, but also discuss how a relatively new theory, evolution, took hold and was embraced by the culture so quickly and completely.

Family Volcano Building Contest and Finale Quiz with neat prizes!

What an amazing tour! Imagine traveling about with creationists and not only hearing about the explosion of Mount St. Helens but seeing first hand the awesome power of God. From hikes to fellowship to learning from creationists and historians, this trip was beyond memorable!” —Bret B.

Beautiful outdoor classroom — History where it happened!

We designed this conference for the entire family, providing young and old with answers and encouragement. Please consider joining us and other families for this unique opportunity for “hands-on” Genesis history. Due to trail limitations, we can only take 80 people, so don’t miss out!

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