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Do You Know States Rights Gist?

Do You Know States Rights Gist?

“States” as his family called him, was a lawyer, a militia general in South Carolina, and a Confederate Army brigadier general who was killed at age 33 leading his men over ramparts at the Battle of Franklin on November 30, 1864. His name tells us that the strains on the union started long before the shells flew at Fort Sumter. States Rights was one of twelve Confederate generals who were casualties that day in Franklin, six of them killed in action. We will tell their stories from Winstead Hill where a two-mile battle line stepped off to destruction and now monuments commemorate the fallen.

Join us for one of our most moving tours, full of heroism and bravery by men and women who gave their all for their country.

Once again, Landmark Events has met and exceeded our expectations. From the historical, biblical teaching and excellent venues, to great personal service and Christian fellowship, these tours are unmatched. Our family continues to look forward to each tour, not only for the teaching, but for the lifelong friendships that are made. Thanks Landmark!” —The K. family

Put Yourself in Their Place

Put yourself in their place — you are a soldier in the Confederate Army of Tennessee. An invading host is ravaging and destroying your home, fields, orchards, towns and factories. They burn or steal your crops and livestock, throw your defenseless women and children into the cold while you are away, smash your family cemetery, and declare it is all to preserve freedom and liberty. The army you have been fighting is now burning a forty-mile path across Georgia, killing anyone who tries to stop them, and you are in Tennessee to try and draw them away, and to defeat the men in front of you. Probably 90% of the men and boys who enlisted with you are gone — dead, imprisoned, wounded, sick or deserted. Many of them are your fathers, grandfathers, brothers, cousins and childhood friends who took up arms to preserve their own independence and property. The sooner you drive these people back to where they came from, the sooner you can get home.

That’s why they lined up across a two-mile front with a hundred battle flags in the wind and bands playing, to cross those fields in front of Franklin and come to grips with their enemies.

Character Studies from Franklin

Be prepared to meet some of the most notable personalities from the Civil War in middle Tennessee.


Tod Carter

Patrick Cleburne

John Bell Hood

General John McAllister Schofield

Arthur MacArthur

Sam Watkins

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Preservers of the Union

And what of the Federal army? Do they consider themselves invaders and destroyers? They are the same age, most of them speak the same language, go to the same churches, have the same heroes and national history as their Southern cousins. They have been called upon to preserve the Union, the one country on earth that has guaranteed their liberty and allowed them to pursue prosperity without interference. And now a part of the country has fired on the flag and broken that Union and it needs to be put back together. It is a civil insurrection that cannot be ignored or allowed to continue. You have seen the same death and misery as your Southern counterparts and just want this war to end. But you will stick it out till the nation is reunited.

That’s why you’ll man the barricades one more time and beat back that line of battle that is coming at you, in seemingly irresistible force, in front of Franklin, Tennessee, a place you’d rather not be.

There is nothing like visiting a battlefield to remember who we are and what is worth dying for.

Inspired by Heroes

Christian Fellowship

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Join us March 27-28 in Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee for a very special time as we survey the earthworks and walk the battlefields where our ancestors valiantly fought a century and a half ago. The principles they held dear back then are just as relevant today and we need to know them.

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