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Philadelphia — Cradle of Liberty

History is replete with what some call miracles but are actual providences of God to bring about His proposed purposes. Few events or locations can boast of so great a number of awe-inspiring wonders as that of the founding of our Constitutional Republic — and Philadelphia was at the epicenter! Come along with us this fall to the very locations where God’s mighty hand moved in the hearts of faithful, yet imperfect, men to establish a free nation through their sacrificial efforts!

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I cannot think of a better way for my family to spend time together with other Christian families learning history/theology through the voice of outstanding Christian teachers.”

History Where It Happened!

We will travel to the seminal locations where our Founding Fathers forged the freedoms we now enjoy, including Independence Hall, Princeton, Valley Forge and many more. We will examine the influence of key figures including John Witherspoon, James Madison, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Patrick Henry, John Hancock and those two religiously unorthodox figures, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

As we walk down these remarkable streets and see the well preserved landmarks of our young nation, we will hear Dan Ford reveal the minds of our Founders preserved in original documents written in their own hand. We will charge across Brandywine Battlefield as Bill Potter takes us back to the desperate defense of Philadelphia by George Washington against the onslaught of Sir William Howe, General Cornwallis and the British army.

The First 15 that Register Enjoy a 15% Discount, Groups of 5 or More Save 20%, So Sign Up Today!

Something amazing happens when we learn and sharpen our minds with other brothers and sisters that value those Words of life that moved our Founders to act in such courageous ways. The sweet fellowship itself is an additional inspiration and encouragement — this we hear over and over again from tour attendees.

It is wonderful to learn how rich our country’s Biblical roots are. Our deepest thanks to Landmark Events for giving us some of our favorite vacations!!”

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