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Moving Mountains — and Lakes!

Massive — Rapid — Remarkable!

During the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, the waters of Spirit Lake were violently displaced by the impact of the powerful blast and near 15 billion cubic feet of volcanic debris that rushed down the mountain. These forces heaped up the waters into a wave over 800 feet above the lake level that sloshed onto the mountain slopes to the north and then receded, carrying thousands of downed trees with it. Spirit Lake was transformed; it’s surface elevation rising almost 200 feet and surface area almost doubling from 1,300 acres to about 2,200 acres — all within minutes of the eruption! Not centuries or millennia, but minutes.


What an amazing tour! Imagine traveling about with creationists and not only hearing about the explosion of Mount St. Helens but seeing first hand the awesome power of God was truly awe inspiring. From hikes to fellowship to learning from creationists and historians this trip was beyond memorable.” —Bret B.

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Bring Your Family to See for Yourselves!

Those thousands of shattered trees formed a log mat that covered almost half Spirit Lake—s surface and many still float there today. Join us this summer in the most beautiful outdoor science lab we know, Mount St. Helens when we hike down to Spirit Lake to see all these evidences for ourselves. You will hear the full story from our creation scientist guides and we guarantee you and your family will be transformed as well. There is literally nothing in the world like it!

I cannot think of a better way for my family to spend time together with other Christian families learning history/theology through the voice of outstanding Christian teachers.” —Stephen W.

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