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Last Chance to Save 15% on Washington, DC!

Get the True Story!

Join Col. John Eidsmoe, author of Christianity and the Constitution, along with Landmark Events historian Bill Potter and Evangelist Bernie Beall as we take you through an eye-opening tour of Washington, D.C. You will see many of the iconic landmarks of our nation’s capital, but more importantly, they will be interpreted through the lens of Scripture and grounded in source documents so you get the true story of the people and events that sculpted our nation.

Talk about a tour with purpose! [We] learned so many things about Washington, D.C. that we would have missed if we went on our own. The tour guides are great! We had the time of our life and this tour will be a cherished lifetime memory.” —Pat M.

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The Next Two Families to Register Save 15%

Our “First 15 save 15%” promotion is almost full. Rather than split rates within a family, we are extending a 15% discount to the next two registrations, regardless of the number of people on each registration.

This popular tour sells out every year and we limit attendance to 50 people per tour to ensure you have a great experience, so don’t miss this opportunity by registering today!

I can’t give this tour high enough praise: the number of places that you see, the connection to our country that you feel, and the solid Biblical worldview that you hear all make for a truly unforgettable experience.” —Katrin H.

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Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
—John Adams, 2nd President of the United States

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