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“I intend to make Georgia howl.”

“I intend to make Georgia howl.”
—William Tecumseh Sherman

With these words, and the blessing of President Abraham Lincoln, General Sherman set off from a still smoldering Atlanta on his infamous “March to the Sea”. Ideology hatched in the French Revolution would now wreak havoc on Southern wives and children, not just enemy soldiers. The “total war” that Sherman waged introduced a savage strategy not seen in America before, as towns, farms, herds and homes were destroyed, leaving innocents deprived of food, shelter and the most basic provisions.

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Join us April 24-25 as we cover the entire Atlanta Campaign through our visits to Kennesaw Battlefield, multiple museums, historic Oakland Cemetery and the Georgia State Capitol. We will tell the stories of the flesh-and-blood soldiers of both sides and the citizens of Atlanta who were caught up in the devastation of the War. Travel with Bill Potter and learn the history through biblical and providential presuppositions, gleaning lessons that are as applicable today as they were in 1864.

Historian Bill Potter

Georgia State Capitol

Landmark Events made history come alive to our family! Loved the headsets, fellowship, all the venues and appreciated the ability to picnic each day. Thank you!” —Sarah M.

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