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Dear friends,

There is a special synergy that takes place when we travel and learn together. Minds are sharpened and hearts are encouraged as we realize there are still many that believe—like we do—that God indeed works all things for His glory and our good. Children are inspired as they are introduced to those that forged the liberties they now enjoy and relationships are built across families. Seeds are planted, producing ideas that are then shared at home and in communities. Small confederations of friends spring up and we are reminded of the “Sons of Liberty” who incubated American Independence in Philadelphia taverns and Boston meeting houses—and the kingdom grows.

Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them.”

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Over the past six years, thousands of people have joined us on tours from Sandusky to Scotland, learning history from a Christian perspective. We have published hundreds of articles including three years of History Highlights, our weekly feature that is read at dinner tables and used in homeschool lessons around the world! Along the way, children have learned that the Pilgrims were not genocidal zealots, Margaret Sanger is no hero and the Enlightenment was anything but enlightening. As we develop context and continuity, history is no longer a collection of boring, disconnected stories about obscure strangers that died long ago, but an exciting chronology of God honoring His promises as He unfolds the story of man’s redemption. In turn, this lights our path to the future.

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They’ve stolen our history—help us take it back!

Two days of the Official Plymouth 400th Anniversary Tours will be led primarily by local Native American guides who, based on a fictitious view of history, mourn the Pilgrims arrival, describing it as the initiation of genocide on their people and theft of their land. Our tour is based on source documents and will take a different route, traveling to sites like the Mashpee Meeting House, where grateful Natives first converted under Richard Bourne have been preaching the gospel continuously for almost 400 years.

Mashpee Meetinghouse, 1684

Posted in town square

As a Grandmother, I highly value Christian teaching for my family, and Landmark Events does just that. It’s the only touring company that I trust 100%.” —Jeanne P.

Invest in the Next Generation
of Providential Historians

Our heart and commitment is that the truth of history and the importance of understanding the Providence of God must live on for generations. But will the next generation remember? Will they wisely steward the legacy of faith and freedom which is their inheritance? Who will preserve, publish and tell the stories of God’s providence? Our focus in the coming years is to train our replacements so the truth of our past will not be consumed in the fires of the enemies who hate the past and the God of history. We are considering several promising young prospects and need your investment to prepare these future historians and guides. With your support, these young leaders will travel with us next year to study under some of the great minds in Christian history today; Bill Potter, Col. John Eidsmoe, Bernie Beall, Dan Ford, Dr. Paul Jehle and others. Our opponents are minting new troops by the thousands and deploying them with every graduating class, infiltrating the schoolrooms, courtrooms and boardrooms across our country. They are relentless in their efforts to rewrite history and their pockets are deep. But never, ever forget this: the Lord uses dedicated minorities to change the world. That’s you—and that’s me.

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Landmark Events has no equal when it comes to overall value, personal service, and quality and depth of Christian teaching.” —Collin H.

We have had a great year of tours with record attendance. However, donations needed to cover our administrative expenses are down significantly. Just like any other business, if we do not have adequate funds, we will have to close our doors. If each of our readers would give just $5 per month, our costs would be covered for the coming year.

If you value the work of Landmark Events and want to join us in the war against the agents of historical revisionism, please—help support our work at this critical time.

Your generous donation will allow us to train future leaders, and to create the resources to equip them for success.

Landmark Events is a 501(c)3 corporation — all gifts are tax deductible. Automatic monthly donations make giving quick and easy — we’d be happy to help.

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Landmark Events is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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