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Take Professor Potter’s Florida History Quiz!

Take Professor Potter’s Florida History Quiz!

Think you know a bit about the history of Florida before it was colonized by Walt Disney? Test your Florida History knowledge with this fun quiz from Landmark Events Historian Bill Potter!

Florida History Quiz

  1. What credible evidence is there that Ponce de León was searching for a “fountain of youth.”
  2. Why did French Roman Catholic naval Captain Dominique de Gogues set out to kill fellow-Catholic Spaniards in Florida to avenge the death of Huguenot Protestants?
  3. Why did Edward Teach wear lighted candles in his beard?
  4. Why did the coquina shell façade of Fort San Marcos prove so effective in resisting attack?
  5. Why did the marriage of a pair of teenage aristocrats have such a positive impact on the advance of Spain into the New World?
  6. Why did the Huguenots desire to set up plantations in the New World?
  7. How did the largest Civil War battle in Florida come to be fought at Ocean Pond (Olustee)?
  8. Why was such a seeming backwater like Florida so strategically important to the Confederacy?
  9. Why were the Seminoles so successful in preventing victory for the United States army over them in the 19th Century?
  10. What part did Andrew Jackson’s incursions into Florida play in the United States acquiring the land from Spain?

Discover the answers to these questions and many more on our Pirates, Presidents and Conquistadors Tour in St. Augustine, February 14-15.

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“They’ve done all the work for you! Just show up and enjoy each of the amazing venues and soak in the Biblical interpretations and rich fellowship. You won’t regret it! —Jessica K., Florida tour

Florida History Sites Include

Castillo de San Marcos

Ponce de León’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park

Fort Caroline National Memorial in Jacksonville

St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum

Battle of Olustee Civil War Reenactment

3 Recorded Messages to Listen to en Route

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