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What a historic time we are living in. We’re experiencing life in unique and trying ways that bring hardships and opportunities we have never had before. Technology has granted us unprecedented access to an overwhelming amount of information regarding the current crisis and the “news” has taken on a Kaleidoscope aspect with a new picture, plan and procedure presented each day, adding confusion to the chaos. What’s a person to do?

Take heart, Christian. You don’t know all the answers, but you know Someone who does, and He has given us a guidebook with principle and precepts to equip us for these trying times. In that book there are accounts of men, women and children that have faced situations far worse than these. God’s people have drawn upon His means of grace to navigate global calamities and personal crisis since Adam and Eve walked in the garden. Remembering the accounts of those before us infuses hope in our hearts and metal in our spines. We’re excited to resume tour operations so we can recount God’s faithfulness together, often on the ground where extraordinary feats were accomplished by ordinary people. Come join us and get a big dose of inspiration, encouragement and hope.

Upcoming Tours

July 8, Mobile
Sleep aboard the USS Alabama, explore a submarine and a hangar full of vintage aircraft while enjoying remarkable wartime stories.

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July 22-23, Ohio
Journey to a land of invention and discover a period that exploded with creativity, birthing inventions that literally transformed the world.

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August 5, Georgia
Visit the 1775 Kettle Creek battlefield and the homes of three titans in Georgia history: Alexander Stephens, Robert Toombs and Thomas Cobb.

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All the details are taken care of, so you and your family can be immersed in the experience of learning history from a Christian worldview.”

August 19-25, Arizona
Our adventure covers 188 miles with over 60 whitewater rapids in 6 days, each day descending deeper into geologic time.

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October 12-16, DC
This four-day Christian Tour of D.C. is our most popular every year. Learn the real roots of our Republic from our great team of dedicated guides

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Nov 17-21, Plymouth
What better place to prepare for Thanksgiving than where the Pilgrims landed 400 years ago! Parades, concerts & tours of Cape Cod & Plymouth.

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Landmark Events has no equal when it comes to overall value, personal service, and quality and depth of Christian teaching.”

Note: All domestic tours are subject to change and fully refundable.

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