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Zoom Updates and Dayton Tour News

Reminder: Join us tonight at 7pm for Col. John Eidsmoe’s Awakened But Not “Woke”! We had a glitch that closed registration for a day but it’s back open now! Register for tonight’s zoom meeting with Col. Eidsmoe.

“Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set...” —Proverbs 22:28

Zoom with Bill Potter:
Heroes and Monuments

Monuments are powerful symbols of heroes, ideals, and historic events. To destroy a nation’s monuments is to destroy the nation, for every country is built on a foundation revealed in history and nurtured through the popular culture.

Nazi forces destroy a monument in Kraków, Poland—August 17, 1940

The destruction of monuments is not a new phenomenon, although American history records no examples of riot and revolution on the scale that we see taking place in our country today, virtually without meaningful resistance. The mindless destruction is conducted by revolutionaries, mostly ignorant or just stupid, financed by corporations delighted with the message but hoping that their “virtue signaling” will exempt them from attack too. It is supported by governments restraining law enforcement agencies and, in agreement with the revolutionary message. It is passively ignored by weak people accustomed to tyranny and afraid to be called names or lose their jobs. it is promoted by the mass media, gatekeepers of political correctness and perfectly willing to promote fake news and destroy any dissenting viewpoints.

From whence comes this damnatio memoriae, can it be stopped, and should Christians give up in the face of “social justice” humanism?

In this Covid kaleidoscope environment, situations are quite dynamic and arrangements fluid. There are a couple new developments that impact the tour we want you to be aware of:

Space is still available—come on out and enjoy true history through a providential lens!

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More Upcoming Events

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