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Fantastic Christian Resource for All Areas of Life

If you are looking to understand a Biblical worldview and how it is derived, God Confronts Culture is the book for you. Whether you homeschool, attend college, or are just a growing Christian this robust resource will give you a substantive look into important worldview issues that is comprehensive and concise. Some worldview books are long and difficult to read, while others cover only a few areas or are just too brief. We think you will find this one ”just right”, hitting the high points with well-reasoned logic and grounded in Scripture.

God Confronts Culture: The Almost Complete Biblical and Christian Worldview allows the student and reader to get a quick glance of solidly Biblical principles that govern twenty different areas of worldview including:

  • History and God’s Providence
  • Vocation and Career
  • Art and Communication
  • Medicine and Health
  • Creation and Flood
  • Law and Politics
  • Sociology and Social Justice
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Law and Love
  • Truth and Logic
  • and more...

Free Shipping—All Proceeds Go to Landmark Events!

Dr. Payne has graciously donated all profits from his valuable book to support the work here at Landmark Events. So, while you are getting a tremendous resource for just $25, you are also helping us continue in our mission of bringing hope to God’s people by recounting His wonderful works. Order your copy today!

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