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Dear friends,

How will history judge the church in the year 2020? Will Christians be remembered for standing against the largest cultural purge of American history in more than a century; against the non-stop assault on the very foundation of our liberties: law, justice and freedom of speech? Will the church muster its faith and courage in the day that it is called? Today is the day. Now is our time!

Every crisis is great opportunity for the church. And we are in no short supply of crisis. Already, we are seeing a great divide, everyday citizens have stood up at great peril to themselves, defying the orders of bureaucrats who lack logic or reason, simply to open their businesses. Some lawmakers, like Philadelphia State Senator Doug Mastriano, have likewise risen to their duties, courageously taking back constitutionally derived power in election-related decisions. These sturdy souls stood in the face of slanderous assaults and death threats, and by doing so they have followed many a great American in the tradition of individual responsibility and independent thought.

These are the old paths to which we must return, the way of blessing and the favor of God. The path that requires the restoration of our historical record, and preservation of the stories of Christendom—because without them, as Douglas Southall Freeman said, “We grope in the dark” to find our way.

No prosperous nation disregards the lessons of the past and the tributes to her noble heroes. These must be recovered, and they must be preserved and taught to the generations that follow.

And that is exactly what these visits to the monuments and sites of extraordinary historical moments accomplish. This reignites our love for our nation’s legacy and reminds us from Whom we derive our worth.

Landmark Events is second to none in providing the truth of history Biblically, without apology or compromise, and does so while avoiding the pitfalls of disinterested monotony that plague so much of the studies of history today.” —William Z.

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Looking Back on 2020

This past year, opposed by travel restrictions and shuttered venues at every turn, Landmark Events determined to press on in the face of it all, if for no other reason than to demonstrate to our friends how we must all persevere in hardship. At the peak of the closures this past summer, we created a brand new outdoor tour in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. The rich fellowship was as satisfying as the glories and the mysteries of the seafaring tales from Bill Potter. We also drew courage and inspiration from Sir Walter Raleigh, the Wright Brothers and an incredible 19-year-old engineer-inventor, Gilbert Elliott. Elliott built an ironclad in a cornfield to ferociously liberate his hometown of Plymouth during the Civil War.

The year was capped off in a fitting way as we hosted a band of hearty travelers in Plymouth to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims signing the Mayflower Compact in Provincetown and the landing at Plymouth. The draconian measures imposed by the state of Massachusetts kept the crowds down, (we were the only group there!) and added a bit of fitting ambiance as we walked the paths of our persecuted forefathers. Our guests were so blessed and happy while we were all reminded how the cruel difficulties of the Pilgrims made our current troubles seem so small.

This tour profoundly expanded my understanding of what God has done in the past with a very small band, beset with many difficulties, and it has encouraged me that He can do the same in the present, with similar small numbers and similar difficulties.” —Mary H.

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Looking Forward to 2021

In the wake of the turmoil of 2020, many Americans are left with a deep sense of loss, but are confused about what can be done. They are troubled. Troubled by the assault on the landmarks to their liberties. Troubled by what to say to their children. Troubled by how to defend their history and rights against the hatred.

If you are among those Americans, stay close to us at this time. Pray with us. Walk with us. Study with us. Support us.

We are arming the next generation of children with a winning apologetic and potent arguments to answer the critics. With your help, we will be taking families to important locations where the providence of God in our history was demonstrated with power. Why? So that our children will love liberty in their hearts, thank God with their lips, and never be ashamed to say:

“O God, we have heard with our ears, our fathers have told us, what deeds you performed in their days, in the days of old.” —Psalm 44:1

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Striving for a Milestone

This coming year marks one of the most important anniversary events of our lifetime—the 400th Pilgrim Thanksgiving! The vital lessons wrapped up in this story—courage, perseverance, gratitude and, as William Bradford said, “a commitment to the will of the Lord”—compel us to make this anniversary memorable. And that’s where you come in.

We will not make it to November 2021 without a significant revenue infusion. While almost 100,000 businesses closed this past year, we have survived on the donations of a handful of generous supporters and the profits from our postponed Scotland and Ireland tours, but we are near the end. If you value the work of Landmark Events, please support us. A simple monthly donation of $10 is remarkably helpful. If you can give larger amounts, please do. We appreciate your gifts so much and thank you for each one.

To our last dollar, we are committed to pressing on for as long as we are able. As William Bradford said of his fellow Mayflower passengers, “they committed themselves to the will of God, and resolved to proceed.” This we shall also do.

We have loved serving you these past many years and taking you to the places that helped to open our eyes to what is really important—the One who holds every moment of history in His hand and who loves and redeems His people. May He grant us more journeys together.

Your faithful giving infuses families across the country with the hope of Christ.

Landmark Events is a 501(c)3 corporation — all gifts are tax deductible. Automatic monthly donations make giving quick and easy — we’d be happy to help.

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Landmark Events is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Kevin Turley

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