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Texas Is Now Open—Join Us There Next Month!

“Remember the Alamo!”
4 Days of Providential History in the Lone Star State!

Join Landmark Events for a 4-day trek across the Lone Star State as we offer a gripping biblical overview of some of the state’s defining moments. Travel from the capital in Austin, to the missions of San Antonio, to the once log cabin capital in Washington, to the seacoast in Galveston, and finish in grand style at San Jacinto for the 185th anniversary celebration of Texas’s victory over Mexico to earn independence!

What a privilege it was for us to stand on the same ground as some of the greatest men in Texas history and hear their stories told from a providential perspective.” —Melissa & Nate J.

The Alamo
The iconic mission where Travis drew “the line in the sand” and bravely fought to the last man with heroes Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, James Bonham and more.

Menger Hotel
The oldest continuously operating hotel west of the Mississippi. Teddy Roosevelt mustered the Rough Riders in the Menger Bar.

La Villita
This small historic area near the River Walk started as barracks for the mission at The Alamo and now houses local artisans and all-night tacos and mariachis!

Military Plaza
The 18th century military and commercial center in San Antonio is the location of City Hall and the Spanish Governor’s Palace today.

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The “Lexington of Texas,” where the first skirmish of the revolution occurred. Colonists flying a flag defiant “Come and Take It” flag repelled Mexican efforts to seize the village cannon.

Monument Hill
Militia rushed to the defense of the Republic of Texas in 1842 to expel Mexican forces from San Antonio. Monument Hill Historic Site honors the casualties from those encounter.

Kreische Brewery
German immigrant and master stone mason, Heinrich Ludwig Kreische, built a three-story house and utilized the spring water from the ravine below to start one of the first commercial breweries in Texas.

Blue Bell Creamery
Today best known for bluebonnets and ice cream, but in the mid 1800s, it was better known as a cotton, retail, & wholesale hub, thanks to a railroad line, German immigrant farmers, & Jewish merchants.

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Washington on the Brazos
Where Texas became Texas. In 1836, 59 representatives of the Texas settlements met here to make a formal declaration of independence from Mexico.

Star of the Republic Museum
Discover the interesting history of the new Republic and learn about the cultures and values of early Texans.

Barrington Plantation
Enjoy the interpreters of the mid-19th century farmstead Barrington Living History Farm, founded by Anson Jones, the final president of the Republic of Texas.

San Felipe de Austin
Known as the “Cradle of Texas Liberty,” it was home to Stephen F. Austin and other famous early Texans, and served as the unofficial capital of the colony that he founded in 1823.

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Pirate Jean Lafitte made this narrow barrier island his headquarters in 1817. It was also the last retreat for the Republic of Texas government before victory at nearby San Jacinto. By the 1880s, Galveston was Texas’s largest and most prosperous city.

Seaport Museum / Elissa
Constructed in 1877 as an iron-hulled, three-masted barque, this restored, seaworthy vessel now serves as a floating nautical museum at the Texas Seaport Museum where the golden age of sailing is chronicled.

San Jacinto Battlefield
Led by Gen. Sam Houston, the decisive Battle of San Jacinto resulted in Texan independence. Built 15’ higher than the Washington Monument, the San Jacinto Monument houses a treasure trove of Texas artifacts.

Return to San Antonio
We will make our way back to San Antonio in time for some late night Mariachi and world-famous Mexican food at Mi Tierra’s for those that want one more bold taste of Texas before concluding our tour.

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Having Christian men reinforce godly themes for my child was a blessing! Very encouraging to hear how God worked in the lives of historical figures and the importance of mentoring the next generation. We were encouraged to learn God’s influence in history and have stories to share as an evangelical tool!” —Kate K.

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Menger Hotel

Far View Estate

Tremont House

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  • Admission to all venues
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  • Electronic headset receiver for ease of hearing guides
  • Biblical/providential interpretation from historian Bill Potter
  • Rich fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Christ
  • Landmark Events’ signature service throughout the tour

There is a wide array of accommodations to meet your budget and comfort level in every city we visit. We suggest using Trip Advisor as a starting place for your research.

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Following the tour, Mr. Potter will be speaking at the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention at the Kalahari Resorts & Conventions in Round Rock (separate convention registration required). Come hear his timely and important talks and stop by the Landmark Events booth to say hello—we would love to see you!

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