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Come and Take It

Depiction of the Come and Take It flag shown in a detail of a Gonzales museum mural

Disarming the citizenry is step one in the tyrant’s manual to subjugate a people. Freedom-minded folks understand what it means when those in power seek to be the only ones with weapons and have made that defiant proclamation legendary from Thermoplyae (“Molon labe”) in 480 BC to Fort Morris, GA in 1778.

Next month, we are traveling to Gonzales, the “Lexington of Texas,” where the Texas Revolution’s first skirmish happened. Colonists flying a flag that defiantly bore the phrase “Come and Take It” repelled Mexican efforts to seize the village cannon and leave the town defenseless. Come with us and you can stand right where it happened!

Choose a single day or join us for the whole 4-day tour—whatever your choice, you are sure to be encouraged and inspired!

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