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400th Anniversary of Thanksgiving—Come to Plymouth!

400th Anniversary of Thanksgiving—
Come to Plymouth!

We’re headed to Plymouth this fall to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of Thanksgiving in the place it all started, and you’re invited! Bring your family and drink deeply of the true history of the founding of America. You will find that, as bad as things seem now, we haven’t experienced anything near what those 102 souls endured that landed in Plymouth. The harsh climate, savage neighbors and starvation killed half of them the first year, and yet they assembled, along with invited Indian guests, the following harvest season specifically to give thanks to the Lord!

Mayflower II
in Plymouth Harbor

First Encounter Beach
in Cape Cod

Site of 1st Meeting House
for Indians, 1637

There is something special that happens when you walk the paths those Pilgrims walked and hear the accounts of their struggles, failures and victories. You gain perspective. What is really important rises to the top of your mind and the balm of gratitude calms the angst and anger of today, freeing you to press on in your duties tomorrow with a renewed spirit. Travel with our band of hearty souls as we explore the sites and stories that laid the foundation of our country. You will be glad you did.

1717 Congregational Church
in Barnstable

Burial Hill
in Plymouth

Mayflower Compact Monument
in Provincetown

P.S... America’s Hometown Parade is back in 2021 and you don’t want to miss it! A great way to cap our week in Plymouth!

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