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Plymouth Pilgrim Tour Open!

Plymouth Pilgrim Tour in November!

Great News! We are returning to Plymouth this November to cultivate grateful hearts by remembering the Pilgrims and celebrating the true story of Thanksgiving! We have converted the tour to a more flexible format and lowered the price, so it’s even easier to make this the year you come to Plymouth. Don’t wait until it’s too late—make your reservations now!


Plimoth Plantation

Mayflower II

Forefathers Monument

Walking Tour of Plymouth

Cape Cod


First Encounter Beach

Mayflower Compact Monument

Indian Meeting House


Alden House

Myles Standish Memorial

Standish / Alden Gravesites

Fantastic Fellowship!

Join us in Plymouth, and drink deeply of the true history of the founding of America. You will find that, as bad as things seem now, we haven’t experienced anything near what those 102 souls endured that landed in Plymouth. The harsh climate, sickness and starvation killed half of them the first year, and yet they assembled, along with invited Indian guests, the following harvest season specifically to give thanks to the Lord!

We hope to see you there!

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