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The God-Centered History Summit: Prepare Your Kids to Not Forget

Hi there homeschool parents,

Quick pop-quiz for you:

Why teach history?

We’ll spill the answer: Because God cares about history. And He commands us to care, too—enough to know it and share it.

In Psalm 78, God charges us to teach our children (to teach their children) to set their hope in God, not forget the works of God, and keep His commandments.

That means history matters—because it is a grand story of God’s works. And by remembering the past, we prepare our kids for a future.

That’s why we’re inviting you to bring the whole family along for the God-Centered History Summit, coming this April 3-7, 2023.

The Summit is a free, online, thrilling story-telling experience that will showcase the amazing work of Jesus around the world through the millennia. Join us for the Summit (completely free!), and...

  • experience history like never before with almost-lost stories of God’s work throughout time
  • reinvent how you teach history with a God-centered view
  • and reengage in the excitement of living a life by faith in our great God

Are you ready? Please join us!!


Each video session in the Summit features personable, interview-style sessions with speakers sharing almost-lost-to-history adventures and stories... showcasing God’s mighty hand at work across the ages, among the nations, all for His glory.

Here’s who’s joining us:

Dr. Jeff Myers

Eric Metaxas

Paul Jehle

John Snyder

Mike Farris

George Grant

Kevin Swanson

Phil Kayser

Doug Wilson

William Potter

Marilyn Boyer

Douglas Bond

Josh Schwisow

Danika Cooley

Vishal Mangalwadi

Nik Ripken

David & Karen Eubank

Logan Wilson

Daniel Noor

Steve & Wendy Walker

Remember the past—
and prepare your kids for the future.

Sign up now for April 3-7, 2023, and get ready to be amazed as we see God’s mighty hand at work across the ages, among the nations, all for His glory.


Hurry, free registration is for a limited time only!

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