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An Invitation from Dr. Bill Potter

An Invitation from Dr. Bill Potter

I believe the first glimmerings of my interest in knowing about the past began when our family moved in for one year with my paternal grandparents (1959) while my father built our new house a few miles from their home. I was in the first grade, the only teacher of which from grades K-12 whose name I do not remember. I do recall her unhappiness when she discovered that my favorite cousin Allen and I ate crayons every day during recess. My real teacher was my grandfather who explained who my ancestors were from old photos that filled a drawer in his bedroom dresser, as he told me stories that have survived the test of time. By third grade I developed an interest in the American War Between the States from books commemorating the Centennial from 1960-65, and I was off and running, or rather, reading.

Dr. Bill Potter

Historian Bernie Beall

Dr. Paul Jehle

Curtis Bowers
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Now sixty years later, with eight years of college and university, three degrees, eight children and twenty-three grandchildren, with a 6,000-volume library, and more than fifty years of passion in teaching history under my belt, Landmark Events has created the opportunity to share some of what I have learned, pared to some of the essentials, in a historic and beautiful environment at the foot of Massanutten Mountain on the Shenandoah River in Virginia. I have met many people young and old who want to study the ages and eras of time to discover the Providential means and minutiae God has used to bring us to the present, and to glean lessons for the future. I will be joined by several men whose pasts are different than mine but whose accomplishments and experiences in teaching history are very great indeed, nationally and internationally known, active in God’s Kingdom, and whose wisdom is thoroughly based in biblical truth. If, by God’s Grace, we can do this again in the future, I rejoice. If this is the only time it happens, perhaps you should take advantage of the opportunity.

—Bill Potter

New Market Battlefield Field Trip

We crafted this event with 3 purposes in mind:

To prepare the next generation of Christian Historians and Tour Hosts to continue the work of Landmark Events.

To facilitate the launch of more Christian History tour organizations, whether they be under the Landmark banner or independent.

To equip the saints to better understand where we are, how we got here, and how best to move their family forward in hope and joy.

Over 20 sessions, including:

  • Biblical Philosophy of History
  • The Book of Genesis as History
  • The Doctrine of Providence
  • The Problems of Neutrality, Objectivity, and Logical Fallacies
  • How to Use Artifacts to Teach History
  • Historiography, Schools of Interpretation, and the Problem of “Presentism”
  • The Art of Historical Story-Telling
  • Use and Abuse of the Cinema in Accurate Teaching of History
  • Research, Sources and How to Determine Accuracy
  • Reading Widely and Building a Personal Library
  • The Plague of Critical Race Theory: Origins, Applications, and Counteraction
  • The Semiotics of American History
  • The Importance of Visiting the Sites Where Important Historic Events Occurred
  • Should Historians Read or Write Historical Fiction?

Historic Venue in the Shenandoah Valley

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