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History didn’t start last week...

History didn’t start last week...

“The Psalmist reminds us that wonders cannot be seen amidst the darkness, and righteousness cannot be done in the land of forgetfulness (Psalm 88:12). God’s Word constantly calls upon us to remember—and to remember, not just what Christ has done for us in redemption but all the things the Lord is doing across the whole scope of the past. It is why the Bible is filled to overflowing with history. We need to know where we’ve been so that we can understand where we are and then in turn so that we can determine best next steps. That is why I am so enthusiastic and encouraged by the Landmark Events Future of History Symposium. Let’s come together to learn, to remember, and to strategize wisely in accord with God’s providential purposes.” —George Grant, Franklin, TN

The term “unprecedented” is common today as ignorant talking heads try to tell us what we are not seeing, while many of us think nothing like this has ever happened before. Want to learn how to study, interpret and communicate history like a Christian? Join Dr. Bill Potter, Dr. Paul Jehle, Evangelist Bernie Beall, Reenactor Aaron Bradford, Filmmaker Curtis Bowers and more for the Future of History Symposium June 17-21 in Woodstock, VA. This Symposium is for all ages, so whether you are interested in giving talks or guiding tours, (we can help you get launched) or simply want to be better equipped to understand and communicate God’s providence for yourself or your family, we welcome you to join us. Just a few seats left, so don’t delay.

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P.S. There’s still room for a few more on our Cradle of Liberty Tour in Philadelphia next month, April 15-20!

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