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Back to Boston... and Plymouth!

Join us in Boston and Plymouth to celebrate the providence of God in our nation’s founding in the very birthplace of her spiritual heritage! Shake hands with the Pilgrims and walk where Patriots walked as you journey with other like-minded Christian families to some of the most notable historical sites in New England as part of our 2024 Pilgrims & Patriots Tour!

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The Freedom Trail is full of historic sites and we’ll walk and talk about all of them, including the Boston Common, Old North Church, Granary Burying Ground, Paul Revere’s House, Boston Massacre site and many more!

Richard Holland in the Old South Meeting House

Paul Revere Statue

Granary Burying Ground — Resting Place of 3 Signers

We will spend a day at key battlefields including Bunker Hill, site of the British victory during the Siege of Boston in 1775, as well as the nearby Lexington Green and Concord’s Old North Bridge where the first shot of the American Revolution—“the shot heard ’round the world”—was fired.

Charging across Concord’s Old North Bridge!

Minute Man Monument at Lexington Green

Period Dress on Bunker Hill!

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Plymouth, “America’s Hometown”

Following our time in Boston, we will transition to Plymouth and spend our time immersed in all things Pilgrim! See the world-famous Plymouth Rock, observe America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Parade, a walking tour of the town and enjoy visits to the Pilgrim Mothers Monument, Burial Hill, Brewster Gardens, Pilgrim Hall Museum, and the towering National Monument to the Forefathers, subject of Kirk Cameron’s powerful documentary, Monumental.

The Sarcophagus — One of the Stops on Our Walking Tour

With Dr. Jehle at The Forefathers Monument

One Tired Pilgrim!

Our five-day tour culminates at Plimoth Plantation, a sprawling recreation of the original 17th-century Plymouth Colony where we will enjoy a Pilgrim-style feast in anticipation of Thanksgiving!

Deep Discussion with a Pilgrim!

Farewell Feast... Pilgrim Style!

When in Plymouth!...

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