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Journey to Philadelphia — the Cradle of Liberty — site of the Continental Congress and signing of America’s Declaration of Independence! Follow General Washington from his loss at Brandywine and harsh winter at Valley Forge to his Delaware crossing and surprising victory at Princeton. Learn about the Constitutional Convention, the War for Independence, the Great Awakening and much more!

Included in This Album

  1. Welcome Reception
    Bill Potter and Dan Ford (51 mins.)
  2. Christ Church
    Bill Potter (24 mins.)
  3. Quaker Meeting House
    Dan Ford (13 mins.)
  4. Franklin’s Court
    Dan Ford (14 mins.)
  5. Carpenters Hall
    Dan Ford (17 mins.)
  6. Independence Mall
    Bill Potter (16 mins.)
  7. Independence Hall
    Dan Ford (24 mins.)
  8. Center on the Constitution
    Bill Potter (9 mins.)
  9. Brandywine Museum
    Dan Ford (18 mins.)
  10. Brandywine Battlefield 1
    Bill Potter (15 mins.)
  11. Brandywine Battlefield 2
    Local Guide (10 mins.)
  12. Brandywine
    Local Guide (23 mins.)
  13. Washington at the Delaware
    Bill Potter (25 mins.)
  14. Princeton Cemetery
    Bill Potter (13 mins.)
  15. Declaration of Independence
    Dan Ford (9 mins.)
  16. The Constitution
    Dan Ford (17 mins.)
  17. Witherspoon
    Dan Ford (9 mins.)

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