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What is one of America’s most influential exports? It’s not machinery, electronics, or oil — it’s heroes. For centuries, Americans have labored in foreign lands, spreading the Gospel, battling evil, and cataloging the glories of creation through exploration.

Join noted historian and storyteller Bill Potter for twelve exciting, true tales of missionaries, martyrs, soldiers, athletes and explorers. What do these men and women have in common? They all teach important lessons through their lives, and they all showed heroism in foreign lands — from Ecuador to the moon!

Stories in This Album
  • William Eaton and the Shores of Tripoli
  • Adoniram Judson and the Golden Shore
  • Daniel Lindley: Missionary to the Zulus, Pastor to the Boers
  • Henry Morton Stanley: The Man Who Presumed
  • Jesse Owens Runs Hard But Not Away
  • Alvin York: Reluctant Warrior
  • Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.
  • “Boone” Comer Saves the Company, the Army and Ike
  • Jacob DeShazer: Doolittle Raider and Missionary
  • Robert Ingram: Corpsman
  • James Irwin Walks on the Moon
  • Jim Elliot and the Aucas


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Approx. 279 mins. on 13 tracks