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As the gateway to the West, St. Louis greeted pioneers like Daniel Boone, explorers Lewis and Clark, and thousands of immigrants from Germany and other European countries. The city was the key to holding Missouri in the Union for Abraham Lincoln in 1861 and became the recruiting and supply depot for troops fighting in the trans-Mississippi theatre of the Civil War. Listen as historian Bill Potter discusses the providences that made this city and surrounding area so vital to the American story.

Included in This Album

  1. Introduction to St. Louis and Missouri State History Museum
    Bill Potter (24 mins.)
  2. Lewis and Clark Embarkation Point
    Bill Potter (39 mins.)
  3. Manifest Destiny (group call)
    Bill Potter (24 mins.)
  4. Daniel Boone Homestead
    Bill Potter (13 mins.)
  5. Missouri Civil War Museum
    Bill Potter (34 mins.)
  6. U.S. Grant National Historic Site
    Bill Potter (13 mins.)
  7. St. Louis Cemeteries
    Bill Potter (90 mins.)

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