Pirates, Presidents Conquistadors and More Tour (MP3 Album)


Tour audio from the 2014 & 2015 Pirates, Presidents, Conquistadors & More tour

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Set in historic St. Augustine, Florida, these are recordings from our 2014 and 2015 Pirates, Presidents, Conquistadors and More! Tour. Surrounded by sunny skies and ocean breezes, listen along as Landmark historian Bill Potter and Col. John Eidsmoe lead us through Fort Caroline—the Huguenot settlement in Jacksonville, the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park, the premier Pirate Museum in the country and the largest Civil War battle in Florida, Olustee.

Approximately 6 hours of fascinating and inspiring accounts of extraordinary explorers, brave soldiers, devout settlers and colorful characters that shaped history in Florida and across the world in Spain, France and England.

Included in This Album

  1. St. Augustine Opening Night Lecture
    Bill Potter (36 mins.)
  2. Fountain of Youth
    John Eidsmoe (45 mins.)
  3. Fountain of Youth
    Bill Potter (32 mins.)
  4. Introduction to Fort Caroline
    Bill Potter (18 mins.)
  5. Fort Caroline 2014
    Bill Potter (40 mins.)
  6. Fort Caroline 2015
    Bill Potter (49 mins.)
  7. Pirates: Myths and Reality
    Bill Potter (45 mins.)
  8. English Foothold in the Settlement in the Western Hemisphere
    John Eidsmoe (35 mins.)
  9. Introduction to the Battle of Olustee
    Bill Potter (41 mins.)
  10. Battle of Olustee
    Bill Potter (12 mins.)

Listen to an Audio Sample

 Approx. 354 mins. (5.9 hrs.) on 10 tracks

Please note: These are conference-grade recordings with minimal editing. We trust you will benefit from them despite our occasional mistake or premature truncation of a message. Fort Caroline message is included from 2014 and 2015 as there is substantial unique material with minimal overlap between the two messages.


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