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God, in His sovereignty, has ordained that war be a constant reality in history. We read in the scriptures, ”The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory lies in the hands of the Lord.” The study of war reveals the providential means God has used to decide the courses of men and nations, bringing judgment to one people, and raising up salvation for another. The history of warriors and their weapons has fascinated men for centuries and the Bible itself recounts thrilling battles and the weapons that were wielded in victory and defeat. God Himself uses military hardware in reality and in metaphor, especially mentioning the sword.

There are two sets of lectures in this series. The first will examine weapons and warfare in the Old Testament era. Little has changed in principle since then: there are still hand held, thrown, and fired weapons, including large engines of warfare. The use of combat and weapons terminology is common in Scripture as one would expect from the only One who is known as The God of Battle. This lecture will also examine the way of war of ancient Israel and some of the other civilizations found in the centuries before the New Testament.

The subsequent lectures are a trilogy of battles that occurred in three different centuries within a few miles of each other along the border of France and Belgium: The battles of Agincourt in 1415, Waterloo in 1815, and The Somme in 1916. Examined for each conflict are the weapons technology of the period and the warriors at the sharp end of battle, rather than the grand strategies and political outcomes. The study includes many possible types of confrontation: infantry against cavalry, infantry against infantry, infantry against artillery, cavalry against cavalry, etc., looking at how those deadly encounters resolved themselves on that day. Perfect for individual interest, or as a history curriculum supplement.

Topics Covered in This Album

  • War, Warriors, and Weapons of Bible Times
  • Agincourt: Longbows, Swords, and the End of an Era
  • Waterloo: The Gunpowder Revolution s Great Harvest
  • The Somme: Mechanical Massacre in the 20th Century


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Approx. 228 mins. on 4 tracks