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The story of Texas is history writ large. Across the far-flung expanse of Texas, one finds stirring accounts of wide-ranging cattle drives, epic battles for freedom still honored the world over, the larger-than-life exploits of oil tycoons and notorious criminals, and a visionary father-son relationship that upended a flagging culture and recast the region onto surer footing.

Join Bill Potter and Wesley Strackbein for a four-day trek across Texas as they offer a gripping biblical overview of some of the Lone Star State’s defining moments. Journey with them from Galveston to San Antonio and from Austin to Dallas, as they explore the competing worldviews found in bold relief across the Texas landscape, survey lessons of good and bad leadership, and draw conclusions on some of the most important events that have shaped Texas history.

Included in This Album

  1. Introduction to Galveston
    Wesley Strackbein (5 mins.)
  2. Introduction to Galveston and Jean Lafitte
    Bill Potter (35 mins.)
  3. Introduction to Galveston Continued
    Wesley Strackbein (8 mins.)
  4. Galveston in the Civil War, Custom House
    Bill Potter (24 mins.)
  5. Galveston Custom House, Reconstruction
    Wesley Strackbein (14 mins.)
  6. Battle of San Jacinto
    Bill Potter (24 mins.)
  7. San Jacinto
    Wesley Strackbein (2 mins.)
  8. Menger Hotel
    Bill Potter (22 mins.)
  9. Menger Hotel, Governor’s Palace, Moses & Stephen Austin, Ben Milam
    Wesley Strackbein (64 mins.)
  10. Roman Catholic Influence in San Antonio
    Bill Potter (13 mins.)
  11. Influence of Islam in Texas Via Spain
    Bill Potter (27 mins.)
  12. La Villita, The Alamo
    Wesley Strackbein (28 mins.)
  13. Battle of the Alamo
    Bill Potter (21 mins.)
  14. Austin State Museum
    Wesley Strackbein (14 mins.)
  15. International Philosophies of Settlement in Texas
    Bill Potter (20 mins.)
  16. State Capitol, Outdoor Monuments
    Bill Potter (37 mins.)
  17. State Capitol
    Wesley Strackbein (16 mins.)
  18. Austin State Cemetery
    Wesley Strackbein (25 mins.)
  19. Austin State Cemetery, Notable Texans
    Bill Potter (23 mins.)
  20. Pioneer Park, History of Dallas
    Wesley Strackbein (49 mins.)
  21. Pioneer Cemetery, Civil War Monument
    Bill Potter (34 mins.)
  22. Cows, Ranches, Personalities
    Wesley Strackbein (28 mins.)
  23. Grassy Knoll, Politics, JFK Assassination
    Wesley Strackbein (29 mins.)
  24. Kennedy Assassination Site, Closing Comments
    Bill Potter (14 mins.)
  25. Road to Republic Tour Closing Comments
    Wesley Strackbein (5 mins.)


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