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At Landmark Events we believe that history teaches us to hope. Our mission is focused: to ignite the hearts of young men and women of today to become storytellers to future generations. We take families to “rocks of remembrance”—the battlefields, buildings and beaches where history was made. We go as families. We come back as friends. And we see hope spark in the minds of children who begin to understand the context of the liberties they enjoy. Importantly, these events become training ground for future leaders.

Christians are a race of dragon-fighters. Our sons are born to this. Someone ought to tell them.” —Douglas Wilson

In 2019 and beyond, we hope to identify and equip the next generation of historians and tour hosts so that providential stories will be communicated to future generations:

  • Establishing a scholarship fund for promising young historians
  • Forming strategic partnerships with other ministries and travel agencies to expand our reach
  • Compiling Christian history guides to select cities.
  • Launching “Hometown History”  – a project documenting God’s providences throughout our country.

In 2020 America will once again gather around Plymouth Rock for the  quadricentennial of the Pilgrim landing. Whether we follow the pattern of Thomas Faunce by encouraging a new generation of story tellers to share stories of gratitude, or sit quietly as pundits teach the rising generation to despise their history will depend in part on us. At Landmark Events, we intend to engage.

Your generous donation will help us to locate and train these future leaders, and to create the resources to equip them for success. Will you stand with us?