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“I can’t give this tour high enough praise: the number of places that you see, the connection to our country that you feel, and the solid Biblical worldview that you hear all make for a truly unforgettable experience.” —Katrin H. (Heart of American History, Washington, D.C.)

“Talk about a tour with purpose: our kids and us learned so many things about Washington, D.C that we would have missed if we went on our own. The tour guides are great! We had the time of our life and this tour will be a cherished lifetime memory.” —Pat M. (Heart of American History, Washington, D.C.)

“If you want to understand the link between Scottish and U.S. history that you never learned in school, if you want to see the Scottish countryside, climb the castles, hear the stories of old, meet likeminded friends, and be inspired to stand for your faith like those who have gone before, this trip is for you!” —D. Daniel (In Freedom’s Cause Tour, Scotland)

“My friend Kevin Turley did it again, and along with Bill Potter, Colin Gunn, and Dr. Marshall Foster, put together a life-changing and fantastic 2-week adventure that my family will never forget. We had such a fabulous time, saw so many beautiful places, learned so much about an amazing land and the history of so many of its revered sons and daughters. With all sincerity, I cannot recommend in strong enough words or sentiment how important our time spent on Landmark Events tours has been for the historical and covenantal education of my entire family. We have been on many tours with Landmark these last few years, and my only regret is that I haven’t had the disposable time to be a part of every one. If you care about your country, seek the heart of our Lord, and understand that historical literacy is a vital part of your children’s education, then I would implore you in the strongest terms to consider investing your time and treasure with Kevin and his team at Landmark Events.” —Marshall L. (In Freedom’s Cause Tour, Scotland)

“Being able to walk in the footsteps and over the same duns, glens and braes as our Scottish forefathers was eye-opening. It was like going from black and white TV to color! And being able to do all that while celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary was amazing. Landmark Events helped make that all happen and gave us a 25th that surpassed all our expectations!” —Jeff S. (In Freedom’s Cause Tour, Scotland

“Our family has travelled extensively and this was our first faith-based tour. There is something patently different about traveling with a group of believers and learning about the sights from a Christian perspective. It was an extraordinary trip that deepened our faith and bonded our family.” —Kerry N. (In Freedom’s Cause Tour, Scotland

“Landmark Events provides one-of-a-kind experiences learning the true history of our nation and culture — don’t miss your chance!” —Brian E. (Cradle of Liberty Tour, Philadelphia)

“Having Christian men reinforce godly themes for my child was a blessing! Very encouraging to hear how God worked in the lives of historical figures and the importance of mentoring the next generation. We were encouraged to learn God’s influence in history and have stories to share as an evangelical tool!” —Kate K. (Road to Republic Tour, Texas)

“What a privilege it was for us to stand on the same ground as some of the greatest men in Texas history and hear their stories told from a providential perspective.” —Melissa and Nate J. (Road to Republic Tour, Texas)

“The Road to Republic tour taught me more Texas history than I had learned during eighteen years of living in the state!” —Johan Gervais (Road to Republic Tour, Texas)

“I liked the way you connected influences and events to indicate God’s Providence! We love the various, often little-known aspects of His Story!” —Genelle P. (Riches of Richmond Tour, Virginia)

“Flexible structure; size of the group; length of each talk; car tour; affordable; visited places we wouldn’t have necessarily found/prioritized on our own. We cannot think of a thing we would change! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The rich teaching on this affordable, family-friendly tour delved into the lesser-known Richmond area landmarks and history.” —Carol and Steve N. (Riches of Richmond Tour, Virginia)

“We appreciated the godly history that was interwoven in Bill Potter’s presentations. We also enjoyed having the capability to hear the presentations using the audio headsets. We do understand all of the costs involved with tours but we so appreciated the affordability of this tour.” —Jeff W. (Riches of Richmond Tour, Virginia)

“The headsets were ideal and made the talks more enjoyable… a very nice touch. We appreciate having contact information for other attendees. It was such a memorable opportunity for our family! Thank you! ” —Adam K. (Riches of Richmond Tour, Virginia)

“We had a fantastic time in Northwest Ohio with the Landmark Events team. Definitely recommend any of their trips!” —Philip B. (Shores of Lake Erie Tour, Ohio)

“It was so wonderful to hear about history from a Christian perspective and to fellowship with other Christians!” —Traci W. (Shores of Lake Erie Tour, Ohio)

“The museums were great. I liked Mr. Potter’s talks before we entered the venues, and then having time to explore on our own!” —Zane W. (Shores of Lake Erie Tour, Ohio)

“A great family experience that brought history to life through Mr. Potter’s excellent commentary, topped off with good Christian fellowship!” —David B. (Shores of Lake Erie Tour, Ohio)

“It is encouraging to know that Christ triumphs in history even during difficult days.” —John H. (Lewis and Clark Tour, St. Louis)

“Landmark Events tours are worth every cent! A great avenue in learning history through a Biblical perspective (God’s providence). What a blessing to walk side-by-side with a historian through a museum or cemetery. Thank you Landmark Events!” —Greg and Jenny J. (Lewis and Clark Tour, St. Louis)

“Landmark Events provided an easy and enjoyable opportunity to spend time together as a family and learn about history.” —Beth S. (Lewis and Clark Tour, St. Louis)

“The tour was delightful. Thank you so much for all the labor you and Bill Potter put into this to make these things available to us! Great tour. Rich fellowship. Exceeded our expectations. Thank you Landmark Events!” —Philip S. (Lewis and Clark Tour, St. Louis)

“LOVED Bill Potter’s stories and history lessons!! Loved fellowship with other families. Very nice gesture to have each family’s picture taken. Good idea to use DropBox for photos. Thank you Kevin for all your work to organize a great tour! Very encouraging, informative sessions in Atlanta with gifted historian, Bill Potter. Our family especially enjoyed the fellowship with other families.” —Tom and Deb G. (The Atlanta Campaign Tour, Georgia)

“Everything was excellent! Forgetting what God has done leads to disobedience. Thank you for helping us teach our children what God has done.” —Chad R. (The Atlanta Campaign Tour, Georgia)

“Landmark Events made history come alive to our family! Loved the headsets, fellowship, all the venues and appreciated the ability to picnic each day. Thank you!” —Sarah M. (The Atlanta Campaign Tour, Georgia)

“Loved the headsets — that is such a great improvement and made the tour and teaching time so much more enjoyable. I did greatly enjoy meeting a number of different people — that is really special. Our family loves the history tours! Bill Potter’s teaching brings history to life and enlightens our hearts to see how God used men and women in the past, and by extension, how He is able to use us today. Glory to God!” —Cheri C. (The Atlanta Campaign Tour, Georgia)

“We liked everything. We were grateful to be on the tour with a great group of Christians… We thought both Mr. Potter and Sam were terrific historian/commentators. Landmark Events provides the perfect balance of well-informed, interesting historians providing enlightening lectures with friendly, well-organized leadership. Great experience! We hope to go on another trip with you, and we are hoping that we can sign up for the Richmond trip soon.” —Carol M. (Civil War in the West Tour, Franklin/Nashville)

“I liked the fact that we could ride separately to the different venues. If we didn’t want to visit one, we didn’t have to. Or we could leave it early or stay longer. I liked the freedom we had to explore on our own or with the group. This tour went above and beyond my expectations. I can’t wait to participate in another one in the future.” —Carol R. (Civil War in the West Tour, Franklin/Nashville)

“If I could, I would attend every Landmark Event! Hearing about God’s hand throughout history, I leave these tours praising Him for His Greatness!” —Sydney Laubenthal (Civil War in the West Tour, Franklin/Nashville)