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Encouragement and Inspiration for the Whole Family!

This trip was the tremendous culmination of a year-long study of WWII for my 14-year-old son. Stories need to be forever told lest we forget what was done for us, and at what price... We are still reeling from the overall experience. We especially enjoyed listening to and having the opportunity to interact with the veterans. The banquet was the icing on the cake.” —Jeff R., D-Day and Great Battles Tour

Join us in New Orleans as we explore the most remarkable and fascinating providences of God during WWII, the War of 1812 and the Civil War! Experience the magnificent WWII Museum in New Orleans, stroll across the storied battlefield of Chalmette Plantation, walk the halls of Confederate Memorial Hall, the premier Civil War museum in the country, and glean valuable life lessons from the heroes and heroines buried in Metairie Cemetery. Finish in style at a private banquet featuring WWII veterans inside the WWII Museum including our special guests, WWII veterans Herb and Ed Griffin. It will be an unforgettable history weekend!

Chalmette Plantation and the War of 1812

Our first stop will be Chalmette, the location of the decisive battle of the War of 1812. Andrew Jackson and his patchwork quilt of American militia, veterans, Indians, and pirates came together to defend the Queen City from an attack by Britain’s finest army, fresh from defeating Napoleon on the European continent.

The beautiful grounds of Chalmette Plantation

We will walk the battlefield where the American riflemen and artillery decimated the red-coat army and killed many of their officers, including the commanding general, Edward Packenham. The victory made Andrew Jackson a household name, eventually leading him to the Presidency. It also saved New Orleans and the Louisiana territories for American expansion and all that that portended providentially for the future of the United States.

The tour group at Chalmette Plantation

Bill Potter instructs the tour group at Chalmette

Confederate Memorial Hall

Confederate Memorial Hall opened its doors in New Orleans on January 8, 1891, and since that time has been commemorating the military history and heritage of the South. The museum is the oldest in Louisiana and houses one of the largest collections of Confederate memorabilia in the United States. Displays include Civil War firearms and edged weapons, authentic uniforms, extensive personal items and actual battle flags. This private museum is the best of it’s kind in our opinion.

Confederate Memorial Hall

Metairie Cemetery

We will drive to the cemetery in Metairie and attend the gravesites of Confederate Generals and of the Rev. Benjamin Morgan Palmer. There is no better place to see the providence of God in history and tell the stories of men of heroic accomplishment but of mortal substance. We will hear the powerful reminders that men are all flawed and that God uses them, nonetheless, to fulfill His purposes.

The beautiful grounds of Metairie Cemetery

The marble and granite markers show us that only God transcends time but the stories of men sometimes linger to teach us to emulate the good and avoid the evils of the past and to number our own days. Pastor Palmer was God’s instrument to bring revival and the knowledge of salvation in ways that expanded Christ’s kingdom and fought the darkness of the city especially known for spiritual warfare.

The grave of Presbyterian pastor B.M. Palmer

Confederate monument at Metairie Cemetery

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans

The visit to the magnificent World War II Museum with veteran brothers Herb and Ed Griffin caps off our tour. The Griffin brothers will relate their stories with an informative and entertaining combination of humor and seriousness to the delight of everyone.

D-Day survivor Herb Griffin and ardent admirer, Mary Turley

Mary Turley sings ‘It Had to Be You’
— a 1940s favorite

The WWII Museum, begun with a grant from the renowned historian Stephen Ambrose, is the third most visited site in the country. It began as the D-Day Museum and thus has the most complete collection of D-Day related artifacts and displays, and presents both major theatres of the War in two magnificent extended narrative displays — The Pacific Campaign and The European Campaign.

National WWII Museum

The crowing jewel of the tour is our Tribute banquet with music by the Dillard Sisters and a panel of the veterans who deliver advice and lessons for the children to remember. The veterans all acknowledge the importance of their Christian faith, and especially encourage the children and other attendees to study the Bible — it alone has the answers for life. When veterans of 92, 95, and 101 years affirm the importance of knowing the Word of God and can testify to His care through difficult providential circumstances, we would be foolish to not take heed.

The Dillard Sisters

Bill Potter makes closing comments at the D-Day Celebration Dinner

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