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Mount St. Helens Creation Event Open!

Pat Roy Joins Mount St. Helens Conference!

Great News! Pat Roy, creator of beloved audio drama “Jonathan Park” with his wife Sandy, will be joining us at the Mount St. Helens Creation Conference in Kelso, Washington this summer! Pat’s knowledge of Creation Science is surpassed only by his passion to teach others the great works of our Lord throughout Creation.

Pat Roy

Dr. Keith Swenson

Paul Taylor

Historian Bill Potter

Come hear Pat as he presents “The Journey to Novarupta”. While Mount St. Helens has been powerfully used by God to change thousands of minds about the truth of The Flood, there was another eruption in Alaska 30 times more powerful that occurred 100 years ago. Incorporating actual footage from both the original expedition by Dr. Robert Griggs of National Geographic just a few years after the eruption and the modern-day expeditions by Dr. David Shormann, Pat will recount the fascinating evidences of creation in this massive eruption.

Pat will also be leading one of our full-day hikes on Mount St. Helens where you will see first-hand evidence of our powerful and merciful Creator God at work on a scale that boggles the mind.

Learn More and Register for the Mount St Helens Conference!

Conference Includes

  • 3 days of instruction from 4 speakers
  • Full Day Creation Tour on Mount St. Helens
  • Friday night Banquet dinner
  • Fantastic Fellowship
  • Volcano Construction Contest!

Seats Are Filling Fast, So Don’t Miss Out!

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