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Bill Potter’s Grand Canyon Reflections

Bill Potter’s Grand Canyon Reflections

Is there a better way to invest in a vacation that is at one time, an exciting adventure with a hint of danger, an experience that is educational in surprising and useful ways for strengthening our faith and aiding in our defense of the Scripture, and all of it in fellowship with like-minded Christians from far and wide? Nope. Rafting down the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River with professional boatmen, engaging and knowledgeable teachers, and rough-and-ready companions were experienced by twenty-eight Landmark Events comrades for five days in July and August.



We began our adventure at the “concrete arch-gravity” (Herbert) Hoover Dam, built in Black Canyon to provide flood control, irrigation and electricity for down-stream cities in the states that fall within the Colorado’s basin. We toured the immense power plant and were regaled with the unimaginable statistics of its construction and uses. More than a hundred men died constructing the dam, in which concrete was poured twenty-four hours a day — for years. After our tour, we enjoyed the fellowship of a dinner cruise on Lake Mead, which is one of the largest man-made lakes in the United States, created by the damming of the Colorado. The weather was perfect, the meal excellent, and the camaraderie a warm introduction to the river-rafting to come.

Hoover Dam Power Plant

Father and son at the Hoover Dam

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The following morning we flew in small aircraft to Whitmore international airport at the Bar-Ten Ranch, located up a side canyon from the Grand Canyon. For an entire day and evening, the staff fed us like ranch hands, led trail rides, skeet shooting, four-wheeling and more. We heard initial talks from our guides — Institute for Creation Research’s Frank Sherwin and Landmark historian Bill Potter — and prepared for the adventure ahead. After a night of sleep in covered wagons or in the open, we awoke to the sound of a helicopter buzzing the canyon.

Sunset on the Rim

In Flight to Bar 10 Ranch

For many of us, swooping into the Grand Canyon on a helicopter is one of the highlights of the trip. We joined our rafting crews, stowed our gear, received life-saving counsel, and boarded the rafts. For the next three days we would be surrounded by a dream-scape of multi-layered towering cliffs, hundred plus temperatures, exotic flora, and a roaring river. Camping on the shoulders of the river and mountains, we viewed stars by the millions, discussed the wonders of God’s creation and the visible results of His judgement on the earth. We also ate like gourmands and enjoyed conversation with our Western River guides.

Hike or Helo... Helicopter it is!

Frank Sherwin’s Grand Canyon Classroom

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Our special stops included the Pumpkin Spring arsenic pool where several of our group accidentally fell off the cliff in backflip mode. We ran a number of good rapids every day (by good I mean everyone got soaked with what feels at the time like freezing water). The 100 miles of river we navigated provided moments of great exhilaration and periods of restful tranquility — always with a backdrop of breathtaking scenery!

Pumpkin Springs fun!

The Great Embarkation!

On the second day we visited the Travertine Grotto and stood in the waterfall far up in the almost inaccessible cave. It was a great reward for those who made it the whole way, though some preferred the pleasures of smaller falls and cool pools at lower levels. Through all the floating trip, we witnessed the layering and anomalies laid down by the great biblical flood. Though beautiful and interesting to behold, we were reminded by the canyon walls that God holds man accountable for his sin, and unrepentant hearts will eventually fall to His wrath. We were also reminded of the Ark that God provided Noah and the Ark that is the Savior for all who repent and believe.

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