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This Is Why We Fight On

This Is Why We Fight On...
Turn, Look at Yours, and Take Courage

Here at Landmark Events, like all of you parents, we work from the bottom up, instilling in our children a love of learning, a love of history and theology and thus, ultimately and most importantly, a love for God. As Christians, we are all stewards of God’s history — this collection of grand and infinitesimally small, seemingly insignificant events woven together in a church-wide tapestry that culminates in the redemption of men, women and children, churches, businesses and, eventually, the broader culture.

The Christian Life Is the Strenuous Life

Some days are hard. Some days have great discouragements. We continue to be barraged with one assault after another on truth and the Church of Jesus Christ. Perseverance must always be our battle cry.

Almighty God calls us to faithfulness — not perfection. Men who get up after they are knocked down, men that regularly repent and seek the Lord, men that do not faint from weariness of well doing, He greatly rewards. God blesses men and women who work day in and day out, instilling in their children and those around them, by quiet example and by bold conversation, the truths of the Gospel.

Growing in Christian Unity

When we learn together, God binds our hearts together. This happens in families and in gatherings like a tour with Landmark Events. We learn to love the same things and love them more deeply. And we learn to hate the things God hates: tyranny, cowardice, slackness. Remember, it is history that teaches us to hope. That’s what we do here at Landmark Events. Come join us on one of our tours. Let’s encourage one another to fight on.



Kevin Turley
President, Landmark Events

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