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Sale Extended on Scotland and Ireland!

Scotland & Ireland Sale Extended!


The first seats filled so quickly, we decided to keep it going and are extending the phenomenal offer of $2,195 per leg and $4,250 for the “Whole Haggis” in Scotland and $2,975 per seat in Ireland to the next 10 people to register! That’s up to $500 per person in savings!

This tour opened my eyes to history as so much more than just an academic subject. Seeing where real people chose to die rather than deny Christ gave me courage for my own life. I highly recommend this tour!” —Jenny B.

Rock of Cashel—County Tipperary, Ireland

Riverdance!—Gaiety Theater, Dublin

What to Expect

We believe in freedom, so these are not your typical “follow the flag” tours. The last thing we want to do is hold you captive to a group, so we have built in loads of liberty for each guest. We will do most of the guiding on the coach as we travel so when we arrive at a venue you will get a brief site-specific history, an option for a “house tour” followed by free time to explore areas of personal interest and do some shopping. Want to skip a venue? Feel free! We will let you know how to reunite with the group when you are ready. You won’t miss a word with our wireless headsets that allow you to peruse the area while we tell you all about it.

Think of it as an informational and experiential buffet. We offer loads of content, including evening walks and after-dinner discussions, and you choose your favorites, as little or as much as you like.

When it comes to most provided meals, we will designate a restaurant for lunch or dinner and let you go in when you want, with who you want, and order what you want. You take care of any alcohol, we take care of the rest. Freedom—it’s a good thing.

Don’t miss out—you’ve always wanted to go to these beautiful countries and with these great prices, there’s never been a better time than now!

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