Upcoming Events

Resist Tyranny Tour
October 18-22, 2022

We’ll spend a week focusing on men and women that devoted their lives to oppose tyranny. We will visit the homes of four of the first five Presidents, learning how they interacted with kings and cohorts that desired to lord over our fledging country. We’ll also learn about two great preachers who brought the Word of God faithfully to their flocks, germinating a fierce lawful resistance to tyranny.

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Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims
November 15-19, 2022

Something special happens when you walk the paths those Pilgrims walked and hear the accounts of their struggles, failures and victories. What is really important rises to the top of your mind and the balm of gratitude calms the angst and anger of today, freeing you to press on in your duties tomorrow with a renewed spirit. Travel with our band of hearty souls as we explore the sites and stories that laid the foundation of our country.

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* Bill Potter will be speaking at the Teach Them Diligently conference following the tour. Those desiring to attend the TTD conferences will need to register for those events separately through the TTD web site.