Upcoming Events

Mobile Bay Tour
February 8-11, 2023

Join us at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial park in Mobile Bay as we hear an overview of WWII and enjoy free time to explore the battleship, an authentic submarine, and a hangar full of vintage aircraft. Gather in the officer’s mess in the evening to enjoy supper and remarkable wartime stories. The men and boys can spend the night in the very bunks the sailors slept in almost 80 years ago!

Explore the ancient sites of St. Augustine and northeastern Florida, redolent with the sea breezes of the Atlantic and steeped in a providential history that helped create the English civilization that became embedded north of Florida and brought about the abandonment of the outposts of Spain’s Empire in North America.

Texas Hill Country Tour
March 22-23, 2023

Trek to the Texas Hill Country and visit such iconic stops as the National Museum of the Pacific, along with several Lyndon B. Johnson sites nearby. While in Fredericksburg, sample genuine German cuisine, and cap off the day with a hike up Enchanted Rock. The next day we’ll head to Austin to visit heroes of Texas in the State Cemetery, stop by the French Legation House, and finish at the largest capitol building in the land!

Enjoy a fascinating view of local history rooted in Reformation Scotland! Learn of the “Lost State” of Franklin, visit the fantastic Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, see the early settlement site of Bean Station, and hear inspiring stories of brave men like John Sevier, who led the Overmountain men to victory in the Battle of King’s Mountain. We’ll cap it off in style with a day of Highland Games in the park!

Join us on a three-day car tour across the Lone Star State as we offer a gripping overview of some of the state’s defining moments. We’ll visit the iconic Alamo where Davy Crocket, Jim Bowie, William Travis and other freedom lovers made their gallant stand against Santa Anna and the Mexican Army. You’ll see the cannon that inspired the patriots of Gonzales in their “Come and Take It!” response to a tyrannical order. We’ll walk the San Jacinto Battlefield where Texas Independence was won and much more.

Ireland Tour
June 20-30, 2023

St. Patrick, Columba, Vikings, ancient castles and the Book of Kells… an unforgettable adventure awaits as we spend 10 nights on the Emerald Isle basking in the storied history of Ireland! Hike to forts built 1,000 years before Christ, explore cathedrals built in St. Patrick’s day, tour the Titanic’s last port of call and walk the streets where Irish independence was won just 100 years ago!

Scotland Adventure Tour
July 16-22 & 23-29, 2023

Join Landmark Events and a small band of adventurous souls as we retrace the steps of William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, and many others on this unforgettable tour of the land of the ancient Celts in Scotland. Visit the Isle of Iona, ferry across Loch Ness, stand where Reformer John Knox preached… and so much more! Choose the Lowlands, Highlands or both!

Grand Canyon Adventure Tour
August 8-13, 2023

Get ready for six fantastic days experiencing the geology, history and beauty of the Grand Canyon from a distinctly Christian perspective! We have room for 28 people on the rafts including geologist Dr. Tim Clarey of the Institute of Creation Research. Our adventure covers 188 miles with over 60 whitewater rapids, each day descending deeper into geologic time. Travel by motorized rafts during the day and sleep under an awesome canopy of stars at night as you learn of God’s mighty hand of judgement, redemption and creation along the way. It is truly a trip of a lifetime.

Duluth: A Superior History Tour
August 24-26, 2023

Head to Duluth, MN on the shore of Lake Superior to peer into an eclectic collection of inspiring accounts of nationbuilders, mountain men, and WWII aces. We’ll pay a visit to Tom’s Logging Camp and Old Northwest Trading Post, we’ll board the mammoth floating museum ore-ship William Ervin, and take a train along the beautiful lakeshore. Additional stops include The Lake Superior Railroad Museum, Glensheen Mansion, and the WWII “Ace of Aces” Dick Bong Museum.

We’re headed to Plymouth this fall to celebrate the landing of the Pilgrims in the place it all started, and you’re invited! Bring your family and drink deeply of the true history of the founding of America. You will find that, as bad as things seem now, we haven’t experienced anything near what those 102 souls endured that landed in Plymouth. The harsh climate, savage neighbors and starvation killed half of them the first year, and yet they assembled, along with invited Indian guests, the following harvest season specifically to give thanks to the Lord!

* Bill Potter will be speaking at the Teach Them Diligently conference following the tour. Those desiring to attend the TTD conferences will need to register for those events separately through the TTD web site.