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Help Bill Potter and Landmark Events Fight Communism!

Help Bill Potter and Landmark Events Fight Communism!

In 1972 I met a Christian (ex-Army) Psychologist, now college professor, Dr. Jack Scott. After the Korean War he had been given the project of interviewing American POWs who had been released from the prisons of North Korea in the months and years following that conflict. Professor Scott discovered that the North Koreans—masters of “brainwashing” and turning young men against their own country—had developed an interesting process of selecting the easiest candidates for reeducation and indoctrination in socialist ideology, wherein the American soldier would turn on his own country and become a commie zombie (my scientific term). According to the psychologist, they rejected men who had strong religious faith or had a strong knowledge of American history, and selected those with low morals and/or ignorance of their nation’s past. They taught them that the core principle of United States history was the oppression of minority ethnic groups, African-Americans and women. They cited slavery, the massacre of Native Americans, labor riots, and lack of employment opportunity, never in historical context and never addressing the countervailing facts or nuances. Some American POWs chose to remain in North Korea where “everyone is equal and fully employed.” Somehow the total absence of freedom, their life there as slaves of the state, starvation, and darkness were not included in the socialist brochure of life as hell on earth in the People’s Paradise.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.”
—Hosea 4:6

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Landmark Events teaches American history from the perspective that God providentially brought about the freest nation in history, through the wisdom of a unique and brilliant group of men, brought together in the 18th Century, in protest of religious, political and economic tyranny. Some of them were devout Christians, and all had been raised in a culture steeped in biblical literacy and Christian worldview. Though all men are sinners and the Founders created an imperfect instrument of law and justice, by Common Grace and providential means, the independent states agreed to a Republic that has stood the test of time, despite corruption and error. The commie zombies of our age have their own institutions and instructors; join us in celebrating God’s Grace and Mercy in the places He ordained for national celebration, courage, and sometimes tragedy, and give hope to the next generation.

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