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Remember the Alamo!


Join us on a three-day car tour across the Lone Star State as we offer a gripping overview of some of the state’s defining moments. We will visit the iconic Alamo where Davy Crocket, Jim Bowie, William Travis and other freedom lovers made their gallant stand against Santa Anna and the Mexican Army. You will see the cannon that inspired the patriots of Gonzales in their “Come and Take It!” response to a tyrannical order. We will walk the San Jacinto Battlefield where Texas Independence was won and all along the way Mr. Potter will be noting God’s providence in the affairs of men.

We designed this tour to be simple, affordable and enjoyable for the entire family. Whether you come for a day or the whole campaign, we look forward to walking through history with you!

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San Jacinto Monument

The Alamo

San Fernando Cathedral

Washington on the Brazo

Menger Hotel

Buckhorn Saloon... and more!

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