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Meet Two New Heroes in Old Charleston

Meet Two New Heroes in Old Charleston
Courage, Character and Lessons from Charleston

Get ready for five full days, over a dozen historic venues and unique lectures, and an abundance of Christian fellowship as we tour the heart of the Old South in Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia. One of the great blessings of taking a Landmark Events tour is meeting men and women of the past that God used to achieved remarkable feats and demonstrate admirable character. While it is near impossible to communicate all we will learn on our tour—much less condense it to a few paragraphs—we want to introduce you to two old heroes that will likely be new to you and whom you will learn more about if you join us in April.

WILLIAM MOULTRIE—One of South Carolina’s leading patriots in the War for American Independence, William Moultrie was most famous for his victory over British naval forces on Sullivan’s Island in June of 1776. In April of 1780, the British returned and captured Charleston, and Moultrie was imprisoned. Close friend and British loyalist, Lord Charles Montague, anticipating the Americans’ ultimate defeat, urged Moultrie to quit the Patriot cause, and offered him a command in the British army. The exchange between the two men is simply amazing and we have posted the correspondence in its entirety on our blog.

JOHN GIRARDEAU—A remarkable Calvinist pastor of Scottish and French Huguenot descent, he served as minister of Charleston’s controversial mixed-race congregation, Zion Presbyterian Church. Girardeau grew up in the cotton fields of his father, working alongside the slaves. His mother was particularly tender to the slaves and John developed a heart of compassion, maturing into his later call to a new work. Second Presbyterian Church had begun on Anson St. in Charleston for the slaves of the city. A building seating 600 had been built by the slaveholders and opened in 1850. By 1854, when Girardeau took up his ministry there, there were thirty-six members; and by 1860 there were over 600, with a regular Sunday attendance of 1500. Come learn of this extraordinary ministry, and consider some of the things that contributed to its success.

“If we tenaciously hold on to the fragments of a noble past, cling to the planks of a ship-wrecked Constitution, the very attitude we shall maintain may possibly inspire other lovers of liberty in this land to rally to a last, mighty effort to regain lost ground, or at least to arrest further strides to ruin....” —Reverend Dr. John Lafayette Girardeau

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