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Go Fly a Kite with Landmark Events!

Go Fly a Kite with Landmark Events!

In 1878 Bishop Milton Wright brought a special gift home for his boys. Designed by brilliant French engineer, Alphonse Pénaud, the simple propellor on a stick was called a Bat and it lit a fire in the boys’ fertile imaginations that culminated 25 years later at Kitty Hawk. Join us on those same dunes at Kitty Hawk this July and hear the amazing story of Orville and Wilbur Wright on the very ground where manned flight was born! Each guest will receive a balsa wood airplane with rubberband-powered propellor, another Pénaud invention, and we have replica “Bats” for the children!

The 44th annual Wright Kite Festival is the same weekend we are there, so we’re giving every family a kite to join in the fun!

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