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Thanks for Joining Us! Please Take the Survey Below!

Thanks for Joining Us!
Please Take the Survey Below!

Greetings Grand Canyon Adventure friends!

Hard to believe that a week ago we were waking up on the banks of the Colorado River, deep in the Grand Canyon! The previous 48 hours we had descended 600 feet inside Hoover Dam, enjoyed a dinner cruise on Lake Mead, boarded buses, small airplanes, more buses, horses, ATVs, helicopters and rafts...! What a trip! Along the way, new friendships were forged and old ones strengthened as the Lord brought a very special group of saints together on this adventure. Thank you for coming!

We have a brief 5 minute survey that we would appreciate you completing, if you are willing. Our desire is to honor the Lord by providing you a unique experience that is educational and enjoyable and your feedback is a critical component in that process. If you prefer direct interaction, I would be happy to give you a call, just let me know.

Photo Sharing

Western River has set up a Shutterfly sharing album here. I loaded my group pictures into the album, however, I will send individual/couple pictures directly to you via email. There is a possibility one of our group has a solution that would allow us a more robust album and we will keep you posted should that come about.

Thank you again for your patronage, friendship and sweet spirit all along the way. It was a honor and delight to serve you and I hope we have opportunities to walk—or raft—through history together again soon!

Kevin Turley

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