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An Important Message from Bill Potter

In the article below, published August 25, we implied that Monticello and Montpelier are interpreted by the National Park Service - they are not. While their current interpretation is in line with the woke ideology of the NPS, they are run by private foundations: The Thomas Jefferson Foundation and National Trust for Historic Preservation respectively. Landmark Events will continue to combat the lies and slanders propagated by all woke institutions by interpreting history from a distinctly Christian worldview, sowing seeds of hope instead of hate.

An Important Message from Bill Potter

Why You Should Sign Up for the Resist Tyranny Tour

The new proposed history books for Virginia public schools have self-consciously eliminated George Washington as the “Father of His Country” and James Madison as “The Father of the Constitution.” The reason (which has nothing to do with Reason) is that they were white patriarchal slave-driving racists who established a horrible racist empire and must be expunged as far as possible from the historical record as men of virtue, probity, brilliance, and sacrifice, who established a Republic of Liberty like no other in history. Besides, fathers are dimwitted clowns determined to undermine the liberty of their wives and children. I could go on, but you get the point.

Before They Are Gone

In a previous tour we visited the magnificent monuments along Monument Avenue in Richmond. At that time we encouraged our attendees to take as many photos as possible of those memorials to Christian Confederate (and American) heroes, for someday they may be gone. In 2020 the destroyers, led by the Mayor of Richmond, the Governor of Virginia, and the "usual suspects" who hate the past and long for their utopian socialist future, destroyed Monument Avenue, burned a museum, and defaced the remaining monuments while the police stood by and cheered them on.

Robert E. Lee

Stonewall Jackson

JEB Stuart

Jefferson Davis

Reclaim Stolen History and Virtue

James Madison’s home at Montpelier has just undergone a multi-million dollar renovation funded by billionaire David Rubenstein. Madison’s place in history has also undergone renovation and the short but brilliant founding father has been cut down to size once again, and virtually disappeared from the interpretation of his home. Join us as we reassert Madison’s place in history and delve into the details of the Constitution of the United States, which he helped author. You will come face to face with the new narratives propagated by the National Park Service. We will do the same at Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson; Highland, the birthplace of President James Monroe; and Mount Vernon, President George Washington’s home. We will also visit Scotchtown, the home of Patrick Henry, a historical site that has not yet had Henry’s life and importance bull-dozed by the woke imbeciles of modernity.

Washington’s Mount Vernon

Jefferson’s Monticello

Madison’s Montpelier

Monroe’s Highland

Old Time Games & Family Fellowship

Bill and Leslie invite you to their home in beautiful Shenandoah County for some old-time Scotch-Irish field games, a visit to the memorials of General John Peter Muhlenberg at the Woodstock Courthouse, and a picnic in the Potters’ home and back yard, amongst the old trees and old books that adorn the property. When will we ever get to do this again?

Picnic at the Potters’

Mr. Potter’s Famous Quiz

Bill Potter at the Highland Games

2021 Stone Put Champion!

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