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Save the Dates! Ireland & Scotland 2023!

Ireland 2023—Registration Opening Soon!

Ireland, endowed with a staunch framework of familial loyalty, has undergone centuries of oppression and revisionism: only to counter it repeatedly by some of the most remarkable cultural rebirths Europe has ever seen. Their seemingly unflagging optimism in their own futures and destinies has touched every country where their diaspora has banished them, causing George Washington to refer to them as “that ever enduring land.” You are invited to tour the Emerald Isle with a small group of fellow Christians exploring the vibrant scenery and tumultuous history of this unique place.

Scotland 2023—Registration Opening Soon!

Our nation has more ties to Scotland than any nation in the world. For two weeks Bill Potter, Colin Gunn, and a host of local Scottish churchmen and historians will lead a small group of adventurous souls on an unforgettable providential history tour of the land of the ancient Celts in Scotland. We will follow in the footsteps of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce to the battlefields, castles and memorials of their bygone era. We will follow the history of the Church from Columba—an outcast monk on the tiny island of Iona—through fiery John Knox, Samuel Rutherford, Richard Cameron and the godly Covenanters who met in the fields and defied tyrannical monarchs to the death.

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