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Landmark Events

The Cure for Constitutional Ignorance

Distinctly Christian — Definitely Not P.C.

This isn’t your typical tour of DC where you are overwhelmed by a barrage of disjointed information and come home with a few souvenirs and more questions than answers. Our three distinguished historians / scholars give you a biblical understanding of the people, places and events that shaped our nation, bringing context and cohesion as only God’s Word can. We teach from source documents so you learn what was actually said, not the modern method of psychoanalyzing our forefathers or manipulating “facts” to conform to the politically correct narrative. Prepare to be challenged and bring your Berean spirit as we explore the Heart of American History on this Landmark Events tour of Washington, D.C.

Landmark Events tours are worth every cent! A great avenue in learning history through a Biblical perspective. What a blessing to walk side-by-side with a historian through a museum or cemetery. Thank you Landmark Events!”

There is still time to take advantage of Early Bird pricing, so
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Mount Vernon

Washington Monument

Jefferson Memorial

Mason Memorial


National Archives

Supreme Court

Library of Congress

Antietam Battlefield

Lincoln Memorial

Arlington National Cemetery

Smithsonian Museums

WWII Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Viet Nam Memorial

Included in This Tour

  • 3 Great Guides providing distinctly Christian interpretation
  • Daily Breakfast, Battlefield Box Lunch from Panera at Antietam & Friday Farewell Banquet
  • Discounted Hotel Rates in Alexandria
  • Unlimited Metro Pass during tour
  • History where it happened
  • Legendary Landmark capstone quiz with neat prizes!
  • Rich Fellowship with families from across the country

Landmark Events provided an easy and enjoyable opportunity to spend time together as a family and learn about history.”

Reserve Your Spot Today and Save!

With all the chaos and confusion swirling about, now is the time to equip your family with the real story of Washington, D.C. and the biblical foundations of our Constitutional Republic. There is still time to take advantage of Early Bird pricing, so register today! You’ll be glad you did!

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