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Invest in the Future by Preserving the Past

Dear friends,

For a full decade now, it has been our joy to be joined by thousands of people on tours from St. Augustine to Scotland, learning history from a Christian perspective. We have charged across countless battlefields from Bannockburn to Brandywine, published hundreds of articles including over 350 History Highlights—our weekly feature that is read at dinner tables and used in homeschool lessons around the world—and connected with hundreds of homes via Zoom to fulfill the charge of Psalm 78: to recount the great works of God to the next generation so they will trust Him and obey His commandments. Our 124 tours have taken us to 24 states, Scotland five times and Ireland twice. The Lord has brought us through a Federal lawsuit in New Orleans, a blizzard in Birmingham and a pandemic that shuttered millions of small businesses.

Landmark Events is the perfect way to show our children the world and teach them its history from a Biblical perspective.”

Through it all, our children, our people have retaken the truths of history that the Pilgrims were not genocidal zealots, Margaret Sanger is no hero, and the Enlightenment was anything but enlightening. By developing this context and continuity for our present time, history is no longer a collection of boring disconnected stories about obscure strangers that died long ago, but an exciting chronology of God’s people—which includes us! We awaken to our glorious inheritance hidden in history that was entrusted to us by Almighty God and thus is our duty to defend and keep it.

Delving into accurate history from a biblical worldview, incredible fellowship with folks from around the country... what could be better?”

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The Kingdom Grows

As we learn together, we see God’s living plan for the redemption of man in both history and our own lives. As our forged friendships testify, there is a special synergy that takes place on our tours. Small federations of friends spring up, some even marry, and we are reminded of the Sons of Liberty who incubated American independence in Philadelphia taverns and Boston meeting houses. And the kingdom grows.

Remember the things long past. For I am God and there is no other... Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things which have not been done saying, ‘My purpose will be established, and I will accomplish all My good pleasure.’ ” —Isaiah 46:9-10

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Training Future Historians

Reminded by Paul, who used his last epistle to prepare Timothy as he faced the trials of the first century church, we must ask, who will be the keepers of our history? Who are our future Christian historians? Who will preserve, publish and tell the stories of God’s providence? Our focus in the coming years is to train our replacements so the truth of our past will not be consumed in the fires of the enemy who hates God, the very author of our history. To this end, in June of 2024, we will launch “The Future of History Symposium”, a weeklong course on Historiography from a Christian Worldview led by Landmark historian Bill Potter with other great minds of our time. We have established a scholarship fund for the “Future of History Symposium” and invite you to sponsor a student’s $1000 tuition.

Landmark Events took care of all of the details for us so that we could enjoy each day of learning about God’s creation and the people who have gone before us. We saw at least twice as many sights per day as we would have seen if we were vacationing on our own and we would have missed all of Mr. Potter’s rich history lessons.”

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Our opponents are minting new troops by the thousands and deploying them with every graduating class, covertly infiltrating the schoolrooms, courtrooms, boardrooms and even churches across our country. They are relentless in their efforts to rewrite history and their pockets are deep. But never, ever forget this: the Lord is with the faithful and uses dedicated minorities to change the world. That’s you... and that’s me.

The Heart of American History Landmark tour was such a wonderful experience. My expectations were exceeded from the historians to the level of planning and service included in the registration price. It was truly an incredible value and a worthwhile investment that we will never forget.”

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We thank those of you that continue to support us. You made a decade of bringing hope to fellow believers happen and we are honored to yoke with you. If you are not in the fight, please consider engaging now. If each of our readers gave just $5 per month, we could take more ground from the enemy by launching future Christian historians and developing exciting new resources and tours, all for God’s glory and the kingdom’s sake. Now is the time!

Your faithful giving infuses families
across the country with the hope of Christ.

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Kevin Turley

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