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March 20-23—Early Bird Extended to March 1!
Join Historian Bill Potter and Guide Kevin Turley as we explore historic sites of Mobile, Alabama together, in the city known for its colorful history, hospitality, and great seafood restaurants. While the rest of the country is coping with the vicissitudes of winter, we will be enjoying the warm and verdant places of providential history along the Alabama coast.

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April 15-20—Early Bird Rates End March 1!
Journey to Philadelphia-the Cradle of Liberty—site of the Continental Congress and signing of America’s Declaration of Independence. Follow General Washington from his loss at Brandywine and harsh winter at Valley Forge to his Delaware crossing and surprising victory at Princeton. Learn about the Constitutional Convention, the War for Independence, the Great Awakening and much more!

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May 20-24—Early Bird Rates End March 1!
Join historian Bill Potter and evangelist Bernie Beall for a tour which will offer the most diverse, iconic, fascinating, provocative, educational and entertaining historical sites imaginable. Even if you have been to the nation’s capital city before, you have neither seen all the places of this expedition nor interpreted each of them in the light of God’s providence, as we will do together.

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July 8-17—Only 5 Seats Left!
There was once a land so wild and savage its inhabitants and landscape were said to swallow entire Roman legions, terrify kings and assimilate the most fearsome invaders of their times—the Vikings.

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